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The unbelievably detailed RPG that came to PC and PS5 a not that long ago along with the PS5, seems to be a good choice for veteran RPG players, as well as novice players.

Godfall: How to Save | Does it Have Auto Save?

The game gains popularity like you wouldn’t believe. However, because it is such a big RPG, and has an outstanding progression system, players are wondering whether you can save the game manually to ensure not to lose any progress.

Does Godfall Have Auto Save?

Fortunately, Godfall has full auto saving capabilities. The game will run the auto save at regular intervals, or after you’ve accomplished something in-game.

Nonetheless, it’s unknown whether after what actually the auto save gets activated. Does it get activated after missions or during missions.

Unfortunately, the auto save won’t run while you are in a mission. This means that if you enter a mission, you must finish it or your mission progress will be lost.

This is expected, but the main question is whether there is a manual save function? This way you will be sure how much progress you have.

How to Save in Godfall?

Sadly, we all know where I’m going with this. There is no manual save option in Godfall. Instead the game gets saved on its own like I stated above.

We see this in games more frequently today, than ever. Seems like most of the games are moving to a more complex auto saving system, instead of giving players the freedom to save whenever they like.

Nevertheless, most of the auto saving systems are far better than the ones in the past. The games get saved far more frequently than before and there isn’t that much progress that’ll be lost if you quit the game abruptly.

Is There a Way to Save?

There is a way you can do a “manual” save, but do it on your own peril. To save in Godfall after a mission, go to your Sanctum and quit the game like you normally would.

Make sure not to quit it abruptly. Instead quit from the main menu of the game. It seems like the game gets saved when you get to your Sactum.

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