Godfall: How to Solve the Hidden Objective Chest Pillar Puzzle



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In Godfall there are thousands of possibilities, there are a handful of hidden interactions, as well as objectives. You will stumble along these while progressing through the game, but some are more hidden than others.

Godfall: How to Solve the Hidden Objective Chest Pillar Puzzle

From these you could potentially get some crucial loot that will help you in the long run. There is a hidden objective you will run into, and it involves the blue spirit that you can encounter.

How to Solve the Hidden Objective Chest Pillar Puzzle – Godfall

This blue spirit seems quite ordinary from the outside, apart from it being a spirit. However, if you use your spirit vision, you will quickly see that there is a chest on its location.

When you see the chest and interact with it, pillars from the ground will rise up, and it seems as though the pillars give the chest power, hence not being able to be opened.

But there is a way, just follow these steps to solve the hidden objective chest pillar puzzle in Godfall:

  1. Use spirit vision to reveal the chest.
  2. Interact with the chest.
  3. The pillar will rise around the chest. Hit the pillars with heavy attacks. Depending on how tall they are, you will need to use one or two heavy attack on them.
  4. After they’re all below the ground again, open the chest.
  5. Voila!

For now, there is not much information as still not many people have progressed far enough to report whether there are multiple similar puzzles.

But the chances are pretty high that this is the case, so remember this skill so that you can use it when the time comes.

Be sure to attack the taller pillars twice before trying to unlock the chests. However, you won’t miss it when all the pillars will be returned to the ground!

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