Going Medieval: How to Make Wine, Beer & Ale


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While progressing through the Medieval world in this game, your villigers will need some sort of nourishment. Since this is a medieval game, water is overrated. Meaning, villagers were very different back in those days, and instead of water, you will need to brew wine, beer and ale. Nonetheless, while it is clear that players will need to do that, not many know how to make wine, beer and ale. Read on to find out!

Going Medieval: How to Make Wine, Beer & Ale

How to Make Wine, Beer & Ale – Going Medieval

It seems like anything that has alcohol in the drink is a special commodity in Going Medieval. And as many expect, it is not quite easy to brew these drinks. It might be straightforward, but it takes some time.

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But it is worth it. After all, nothing beats a cold beer after a long-day’s work, and the villagers know it. Bad jokes aside, the first thing you need to do is make a research station.

Make sure that the research station has some sort of roof above it to protect it from the rain, and so that you can actually use it. Then, put a villager with the highest intellect stat or with a star next to that stat.

Research until you reach brewing. After doing so, a couple of brewing tools will get unlocked, like the brewing station.

Build and place the brewing station somewhere, and also make sure that it has a roof above it. With the brewing station, now you can make wine, beer and ale. These drinks can be made from the following ingredients: barley, fuel, herbs and redcurrant.

All of these can be grown somewhere in your medieval castle. So, just designate an area to create a farm, and then assign a villager to plant the above-mentioned seeds.

One thing to mention is that fuel has to be found somewhere else, as it cannot be grown.

Since there will be a need for a lot of ingredients, make sure that the farms are big enough to give you an abundant supply of those ingredients. Then, just use the brewing station to brew the drinks.

After that, you will also need to transport the brewed liquids to some storage area by assigning a villager to do so.

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