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Going Medieval is one of those medieval games that exceeded the expectations of many medieval-loving players. The game is exceptionally-made, and it is as close to reality as possible. So, things like healing wounds, summer basement, finding iron, and hunting, are a necessity to progress during this medieval age. To make things easier for you, we thought it be best to showcase how to do each one.

Going Medieval: Heal Wounds, Summer Basement, Find Iron & Hunt Food

Heal Wounds, Summer Basement, Find Iron & Hunt Food – Going Medieval

The reason as to why Going Medieval is a tad bit difficult is because the game is quite vast. Players are dropped in a world with endless possibilities and tons of mechanics to keep in mind.

Each of the things we will mention today comes with its own set of challenges. However, by the end you might become a better medieval player!

Healing Wounds – Going Medieval

Your villagers in Going Medieval will inevitably sustain wounds that will need tending. So, the best thing to do is to put those villagers to rest.

After assigning them to rest, make sure to increase their Convalesce stat. Then, find a villager with high medical stats, and increase the Tend stat. Then, these villagers will care for the resting wounded NPCs.

Change the schedule of those tending villagers, so that they don’t end up sleeping through, while other villagers need medical assistance.

Summer Basement – Going Medieval

The best thing to do in Going Medieval to keep your food from decomposing in summer is to create a basement. Temperatures will be lower in the basement, so food will not decompose as much because of the summer heat.

Dig down using the mining tool one tile at a time, and then make sure to add wood flooring, walls and a wood roof over the basement. Add a staircase so that the villagers can enter the basement, and close it off with a door, so that there is no air going to the basement.

On the ground, place a stockpile, and select which types of items you want to stockpile.

Once finished, it will gain a spare room status. You can also check its temperature later on.

Find Iron – Going Medieval

Iron will be one of the most important resources that you will need to find for crafting. Hundreds of items will need iron for crafting, but where can you find it?

Well, just dig at huge deposits of limestone. Underneath limestone, there is the highest chance of finding iron. You can also dig under gold deposits for a higher chance of finding iron.

After you dig up some iron, it will come as iron nuggets. Smelt it in the smelting furnace to create ingots.

Hunt Food – Going Medieval

In Autumn, you will find the most animals in Going Medieval. You will need to use a villager with high marksman stats so that they don’t miss many shots, and put Hunt job with one, so that villagers prioritize hunting.

Use ranged weapons to take down the animals. Then, the villagers will take the raw meat to stockpiles nearby.

After that, players will need to manually add a task at the Smokehouse, so that the meat is dried up and is edible. At this point, the meat will also last longer.

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