Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks Confirmed to be Real?



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It’s been almost a decade since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, so you can imagine the pressure Rockstar Games is under to develop a sequel to one of their most celebrated franchises. While we were expecting some kind of huge reveal for GTA VI, a recent leak the past weekend has given the internet a look at the unfinished game, and it has been confirmed that these leaks were legitimate.

Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks Confirmed to be Real?

This comes from gaming insider Jason Schreier who has confirmed that Rockstar sources have confirmed that the leaks were true:

We don’t really know what Rockstar plans to do moving forward, but Schreier does share what kind of repercussions we could expect from the leak. Besides the fact that the leak could disrupt the development of the game, he says that it could affect the work-from-home flexibility of the office as well. It’s possible we’re not seeing the whole picture yet.

If anything, the internet is just having a ball poking jokes at what could happen to Rockstar after this huge leak. Admittedly, there are some fans who think the leak is just adding more excitement for the upcoming announcement, but some think that Rockstar is now on the hunt for whoever hacked their systems, and is now probably working on security measures first before going back to work on the game.

Hopefully this doesn’t lead to a delay, because fans know they waited long enough for the next instalment of GTA.

No release date has been set for Grand Theft Auto VI.

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