GTA 5: Where to Find the Dinghy


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It even comes with free scuba gear.

GTA 5: Where to Find the Dinghy

If you have completed GTA 5’s story mode, you will be very familiar with the inflatable boat that is The Dinghy in GTA 5. After all, this is the same boat type you used back in The Merryweather Heist (both Freighter or Offshore methods,) Monkey Business, and Derailed story missions in-game.

The Dinghy has made prominent appearances in previous Grand Theft Auto games; Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV, where each game’s protagonist must use The Dinghy in one way or another in a few of the story missions.

The Dinghy is one of the more special boats or watercraft in GTA 5 that gives players free scuba gear upon exiting the vehicle. This will come in handy if you are out to look for the Hidden Treasures in GTA 5.

The Dinghy in GTA 5

The Dinghy makes another appearance in GTA 5. This time, the Dinghy is more maneuverable and faster than it has ever been in its previous iterations in earlier installments of Grand Theft Auto.

The general look and design of the Dinghy in GTA 5 closely resembles the RHIB or Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boat used by the military. Despite its relatively small footprint, the Dinghy can comfortably carry up to four people.

image 89

Unfortunately, while the Dinghy features more maneuverability, its armor is still one of the weakest of any watercraft in GTA 5, making it very susceptible to gunfire. Despite this, the Dinghy will not deflate when fired at.

One cool thing about the Dinghy is that it gives out free scuba to players upon exiting the water vehicle, which should come in handy when looking for those hidden treasures underwater.

Dinghy Locations in GTA 5

The Dinghy can be found in a variety of locations around the map. Follow these waypoints below to find a Dinghy in-game.

  • Drydocks Elysian Island
image 87
image 88
  • Barge under Miriam Turner Overpass
image 90
image 91
  • Southwest of Post Op Depository
image 97
image 98
  • Sonar Collections Dock
image 92
image 93
  • Puerto Del Sol Marina
image 96
image 95

Lingy Dinghy

There are a ton of other watercraft in GTA 5 if all you want to do is travel across the game’s oceans. However, the Dinghy is one of the few watercraft that will give you free scuba gear upon exiting the vehicle. This should come in handy if you want to explore more than the waters’ surface in GTA 5.

Primarily, we can see you using The Dinghy to travel towards the locations of every Hidden Treasure in GTA 5, which we have outlined in this guide. Check that out, so you do not miss out on free cash.

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