Green Hell Fights For Survival on PS5, PS4 June 9th


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Green Hell, the hyper-realistic survival game by developer Creepy Jar, will be fighting for survival on consoles very soon. Well, it’s already out on Switch, so other consoles…

Green Hell Fights For Survival on PS5, PS4 June 9th

Creepy Jar has announced today that it will be releasing Green Hell on PS4 and Xbox One on June 9th, 2021 and it’ll include all the previously released content that is available on the PC version of the game, including co-op for up to four players. There’s also a free expansion called Spirits of Amazonia and it’s coming sometime post-launch, but more details on that will come closer to release.
The announcement comes with a new trailer that gives us another look at the harsh dangers of the Amazon. Wild animals, dangerous weather, and dirty bugger leaches all make an appearance. Look away if bugs sucking on humans grosses you out…

Green Hell arrived on PC in Steam Early Access in August 2018 and successfully launched in September 2019. In that time and beyond, Green Hell has seen over 1.5 million players to date and received countless improvements along the way. From its beginning as a survival title that challenged players to manage everything from their nutritional needs to their own sanity, Creepy Jar relentlessly added more and more content to make Green Hell a fully robust and deep experience.
Whether it was the addition of the compelling and mysterious Story Mode where players came to the aid of a remote Amazonian tribe, or the arrival of the much-requested co-op mode where up to 4 players can tackle their challenges together, Creepy Jar has been committed to building upon Green Hell’s already stellar content on a regular basis. By listening to their player-base, and providing them with the best community support possible, they’re intent on continuing to improve the Green Hell experience even further.
  • Survive the Amazon – Resource management, base building, crafting, hunting, wound inspection, sanity management, and more. Green Hell relentlessly puts players to the ultimate survival test in the remote reaches of the Amazon rainforest.
  • Story Mode – How did you end up in the Amazon? What happened to your love, Mia? How can you escape? How can you survive? Seeking answers to these questions will take you to the brink of sanity as you rediscover well-known areas and discover new areas for the first time.
  • Survive TOGETHER – Up to 4 players can tackle the rainforest together in the ultimate bid for survival! Whether it’s story mode or endless mode, you can look forward to pulling leeches from all your friends’ nether-parts and more in co-op mode!
  • And more! – Whether it’s custom modes, achievement chasing, tackling unique challenges, or building the best jungle hut south of the equator, Green Hell is a robust experience that continues to grow with each update from the Creepy Jar team.

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