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Green Hell is probably the most impressive survivalist game. The mechanics and the graphics are top-notch. We have seen many great survival games, but the first-person ones were mostly disappointed. Not Green Hell, though.

Green Hell : How To Throw Spear

Green Hell has exciting mechanics, and it is very close to reality. This is for praise since survival games need to touch close to reality to work. Green Hell has successfully done that.

There are many weapons in the game that you can use to hunt to fish, and survive. There are spears, axes, bows, swords, and many more. However, players are struggling with the spears. It seems like the controls are weirdly adjusted by default. Read below on how to throw a spear on Green Hell.

How To Throw Spear In Green Hell

It seems like players are starving on this game because they cannot find the critical bind which throws the spear. Mostly, brush it off, thinking that there isn’t that kind of mechanic to throw the spear. However, it possible in the following way:

To throw a spear on Green Hell, you need to use the mouse scroll button. Instead of going up or down, click the scroll button. The default key bind for throwing objects on Green Hell is the scroll button.

Nevertheless, that’s only for PC. But, mostly, PC players were having this issue because it does say throw on the mouse scroll when in the controls menu. But most players thought that this meant to drop an item or something.

Users are more comfortable with the controller because there is a clear outline for the controls in the control menu.

But, if still can’t throw the spear, consider changing the controls back to default. Try again, and if it works, change the necessary controls based on your preference.

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