Grounded Dew Collector Not Working – How to Fix?



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When players updated their game to version 0.1.1, they were met with a nasty surprise. The only way to reliably stock up on water, the dew collector, seemed to have stopped working. 

Grounded Dew Collector Not Working - How to Fix?

This comes along with a number of other spawn related issues that the update seems to have brought with it. None of them, however, have been quite as game breaking as removing the ability to passively farm water. 

I hate to break it to you folks, but until 0.1.2 comes out, there is no way to fix the dew collector. The issue in the game is not a gameplay or file directory issue that can be solved by moving some things around and is instead something that has gone wrong with the game’s hard code. 

Other Grounded 0.1.1 Issues

Like we said earlier, the dew collector is the biggest issue plaguing this version of grounded, but it isn’t the only one. In fact, it isn’t even the only error that has cropped up in the game’s hydration mechanics. 

As if the collector being out of commission wasn’t bad enough, some players, including myself, are experiencing a complete disappearance of water droplets from the game. It’s unclear what is causing these issues, but what I do know is that it means the only reliable water you have is dirty water. 

While you can make do by just stocking up on food, it is far from an ideal way to play the game. It’s unclear whether or not a fresh install resolves the issues, but as it stands, there is no available fix.

Grounded 0.1.1 Spawn Rates Broken 

It’s not just the dew collector that is broken, but the spawn rates for all the collectors. This includes the mushroom garden and the sap collector, too. 

It’s worth noting that the patch included a fix for the “time stop” bug, so it is possible that whatever fix was implemented for this caused an issue with the collectors internal times, leading to them not refreshing their resources. 

There have also been scattered reports of other spawn rates being affected, too. There are a handful of players claiming that weeds aren’t re-growing, and that ladybugs aren’t repopulating. 

Given that all of these issues are, in some shape or form, related to spawns that are dictated by an internal clock, it’s safe to assume that it is one small mistake that has caused the issues. 

The developer has acknowledged the issues in a Reddit post, so it’s likely that we will see a patch soon that resolves them. 

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