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Learn how to complete the Bike Thief City Random Event in GTA 5!

Bike Thief City Random Event GTA 5 Guide

Los Santos neighborhoods are known to have high crime rates, partially due to multiple opposing gangs in the city. Aside from typical gang-related crimes such as shootouts and dealings with illegal substances, you will also find NPCs trying to make a quick buck by stealing other people’s property in-game.

Bikes aren’t the most valuable things in Los Santos, but mischievous NPCs will steal about anything to make ends meet. Two random events called Bike Thief can be found around Los Santos, where you can help retrieve stolen bikes from NPCs.

This quick guide outlines everything you need to know about Bike Thief Random Event in GTA 5.

Bike Thief City Random Event

The Bike Thief Random Event is a quick and easy Random Mission in GTA 5 where you chase after bike thieves and return stolen bicycles to their rightful owner in-game.

There are only two known Bike Thief events in GTA 5, and while one can get you some form of reward in-game, the other will get you nothing for your efforts.

Regardless, the Bike Thief Random Event is easy and hilarious as the thieves will try to escape you quickly. However, since the thieves are forced to use the stolen bike as their getaway vehicle, they cannot run away fast enough to escape you, especially if you’re driving a car or motorcycle.

Bike Thief Random Event Location

There are two Bike Thief Random Event locations in GTA 5 – Rancho/Little Bighorn and East Vinewood.

Rancho/Little Bighorn Bike Thief Location

1 14
2 11

As you drive across Rancho and Little Bighorn, you will come across a certain Gray Nicholson asking for help to retrieve his stolen bike.

You can shoot down or crash into the bike thief to force him off. You do not have to kill the bike thief, as simply knocking him off the bike will cause him to run away anyway.

If you quickly stop the thief, Gray Nicholson will approach you and retrieve the bike. Otherwise, you will have to drive the bike back to Gray’s location to give it back.

East Vinewood Bike Thief Location

3 11
4 10

Keep your eyes open for a red dot along East Vinewood. In front of one of the apartment buildings in the area, a young man will cry for help as a bike thief pedals away in the stolen bicycle.

Like the previous Bike Thief Random Event, you can just crash into the bike thief to force him off the bike—no need to kill him as he will run away the instant he is caught anyway.

Give the bike back to the owner if you feel like it. You can keep it since you won’t get any reward from the bike’s owner even after you go out of your way to retrieve his bike.

Bike Thief Random Event Rewards

Only one of the Bike Thief Random Events will net you a monetary reward in GTA 5, but both will get you +3 Stamina after you return the bikes to their rightful owner.

For Bike Thief 1, you will get $100,000 worth of stock in a company called Animal Ark, as the owner of the bike you just retrieved happens to own the company.

Bike Thief 2 will get you nothing in monetary rewards, but you’ll get +3 Stamina for your efforts.

Pedaling Away

Random events like the Bike Thief Events in GTA 5 give Los Santos a sense of realism. These Random Events are also quite funny, as you can watch the thieves try to run away in a relatively slow vehicle.

Complete the first Bike Thief Random Event and get $100,000 worth of stocks in Animal Ark. While the second Bike Thief Random Event will net you nothing, you’ll get a nice satisfaction after you help out a random NPC in-game.


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