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Steal the armored car so Michael can finally get that movie deal. 

GTA 5: Blitz Play Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Blitz Play is the third heist mission that involves all three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 5. It can only be unlocked by completing By The Book and four heist setup missions.

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin repeatedly team up to complete the FIB’s request. This time around, the trio must steal an armored car from the IAA and safely deliver the bonds to the designated drop-off point. 

This guide has outlined everything you need to know about Blitz Play and how you can get a Gold Medal finish from this mission in Grand Theft Auto 5. 

Blitz Play Synopsis

By torturing Ferdinand Kerimov, Michael, Trevor, and the FIB successfully assassinate Tahir Javan. After the mission, Michael and Trevor were happy to have completed the task and were looking forward to just getting on with their lives away from the grips of the FIB. 

Things do not go as planned, however, as Michael is continuously blackmailed by Steve Haines for his past and recent crimes, leaving Michael no choice but to do whatever the FIB requires from him for a while. 

All three protagonists meet up at the FIB warehouse in El Burro Heights to discuss the mission. Steve Haines orders Michael and his team to rob an IAA armored car that’s allegedly filled with drug money the IAA earned from drug sales. 

To do this, Michael comes up with a plan – trap the armored truck by using a garbage truck as a makeshift blockade. Trevor will wait from a vantage point and serve as a lookout for the rest of the team while Michael sits in the garbage truck. Franklin will take the tow truck and come in on cue to ram the armored truck when it enters the area. 

The team successfully takes down the armored car and secures the loot. However, alarms at the LSPD have already been sounded, and the trio must hold their own against the incoming LSPD, NOOSE, and Merryweather agents. 

After a grueling standoff, Franklin will escape in the garbage truck and drive towards the team’s getaway car, but not before blowing up the garbage truck to hide evidence. 

On the other hand, Michael will be on his way to deliver the bonds to Devin Weston. Weston offers Michael a job with a promise of a massive payout for the crew. Michael declines but accepts an offer to get in touch with a film producer named Solomon Richards. 

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Hawk DownShoot down the helicopter as Trevor.
    • The game will specify and tell you to use Trevor, but taking down the helicopter with Franklin or Michael will work too. 
  • HeadshotsKill 12 enemies with a headshot. 
    • Aim for the head whenever you can. Use Michael’s special ability to help land those headshots consistently. This should help with the Accuracy objective as well. 
  • AccuracyFinish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%.
    • Do not hesitate to take body shots to ensure you land your shots. Those headshots can wait for when Michael has his ability bar filled. 
    • Landing more successful shots on the body will give you more leeway if you miss your headshot attempts later on. 
  • Switcher Switch character 10 times. 
    • Switch between all three protagonists when possible. 

Blitz Play Mission Guide

Get inside the garbage truck, and head towards Cypress Flats, marked yellow on the map.

Move forward towards the yellow marker on the ground. Park the garbage truck horizontally across the street.

You will automatically be switched to Franklin. Simply keep the accelerator floored and ram the security truck.

Plant a Sticky Bomb on the rear doors of the security truck. Stand back before blowing it up.

Remember to keep your accuracy high by settling for body shots on most of the LSPD when using Franklin. This will help you achieve the Accuracy objective.

Once you switch to Michael to deal with the incoming NOOSE agents on the south side, use Michael’s special ability to score as many headshots as possible.

After dealing with the NOOSE agents, switch to Trevor and deal with the snipers on the roof. All three snipers will be standing on a building with a banner that says “Guns 4 Fun.” You can score three headshots from this area.

Switch back to Michael and deal with the incoming LSPD officers. Landing headshots here should be easy since the targets will be relatively close.

Switch back to Trevor and blow up the LSPD chopper with your RPG.

Switch back to Franklin and drive the garbage truck towards the target location.

Blow up the garbage truck with your Sticky Bombs to destroy it.

Get in the car and drive as far as possible from the area. Michael will give you a call just shortly, and the focus will switch automatically to his POV.

Drive to Devin Weston’s house to deliver the bonds.

Three-man Wrecking Squad

Blitz Play is a pretty straightforward heist, even with the short list of objectives you must complete before starting the mission.

The Gold Medal objectives are not too difficult to check off as well. Remember to prioritize accuracy over scoring headshots early in the police waves since you will get many chances to score those 12 headshots later on with Michael. 

Also, the Switch objective will be easy to look over when playing this mission. Just remember to switch frequently between all three protagonists to check off the Gold Medal objective.

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