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GTA 5: All Carwash Locations

GTA 5 is all about vehicles. Missions and other activities might require players to ride or drive some other type of vehicle now and then, but none of these vehicles get as much attention and use around Los Santos as the humble four-wheeled cars.

In GTA 5, players can buy, sell, customize, and collect their favorite cars in-game. But did you know that you can also take your car for a quick wash in select locations in-game?

This guide will show you where you can take your prized possessions for a quick wash in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Carwash Locations

GTA 5 features hundreds of unique vehicles players can ride, drive or control in-game. With that many vehicles rolling around Los Santos, you would think there would be an equal number of Car Wash locations scattered across the city, right?

However, there are only two unique Car Wash locations in the game, so it’s pretty easy to miss them while driving around town.

Little Seoul

One of the two carwash locations in-game can be found in the South Korean-influenced town of Little Seoul.

The carwash itself is situated beside this LTD Gas Station:


The other carwash can be found in the mixed commercial and residential neighborhood of Strawberry, South Los Santos – Franklin’s neighborhood.

Drive your favorite cars to either of two carwash locations to give them that brand new car sheen and shine. However, while your vehicle will come out noticeably shinier than before, it is essential to note that a simple trip to the carwash will not fix broken parts and other cosmetic damage.

How do you start a carwash in GTA 5?

Starting a carwash in GTA 5 is simple. Just drive your car towards the carwash entrance and wait for the small prompt to appear on the upper left corner of your screen. Press ‘E’ when prompted to start the car wash.

We must warn you, though – a full-body carwash will cost you a whopping $15 in-game.

How many vehicles are there in GTA 5?

GTA 5 has a massive collection of cars, watercraft, aircraft, and military vehicles, to mention a few. There are 674 unique GTA 5 and GTA Online vehicles, spread across 24 different classes. These are:

  • Boats (20)
  • Commercial (16)
  • Compacts (15)
  • Coupes (15)
  • Cycles (7)
  • Emergency (22)
  • Helicopters (22)
  • Industrial (11)
  • Military (17)
  • Motorcycles (55)
  • Muscle (66)
  • Off-Road (62)
  • Open Wheel (4)
  • Planes (38)
  • Remote Control (2)
  • Sedans (36)
  • Service (14)
  • Sports (91)
  • Sports Classics (44)
  • Super (53)
  • SUVs (42)
  • Tuners (17)
  • Utility (20)
  • Vans (29)

Wax on, Wax Off

Drive through any of the two carwash locations in-game to ensure your cars stay spotless and dirt-free.

In reality, carwashes in GTA 5 do nothing but wash off the grime and dirt from your car. Any damaged panels or parts will not be fixed or replaced – you will have to drive to the nearest Los Santos Customs to have that smashed bumper sorted.

Regardless, we cannot deny that driving through any of the two carwash locations in Los Santos feels pretty cool and is something everyone has to try at least once in GTA 5.

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