GTA 5: All Los Santos Customs Map Locations


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Driving away from cops in Los Santos can get heated fast. Bring your car in for repairs at the nearest Los Santos Customs.

GTA 5: All Los Santos Customs Map Locations

If you have played some previous iterations of Grand Theft Auto, such as Vice City and San Andreas, Los Santos Customs will feel and look an awful lot like the “Pay ‘n’ Spray” or “TransFender” shops in those games.

Los Santos Customs is GTA 5’s all-in-one replacement for both those shops found in previous games in the Grand Theft Auto series, where players can bring their cars in for repairs or purchase aesthetic and performance modifications to their current ride.

If you are new to GTA 5, you probably do not know where the nearest Los Santos Customs shops are. Do not worry; we have you covered.

How many Los Santos Customs Garages are in GTA 5?

There are four unique Los Santos Customs locations in GTA 5. These are:

  • Carcer Way, Burton, Los Santos;
  • Popular Street, La Mesa, Los Santos;
  • Greenwich Parkway, Los Santos International Airport, Los Santos;
  • Route 68, Harmony, Blaine County

With only four locations scattered around the entire Los Santos area, it is in the player’s best interest to uncover each of the Los Santos Customs garages locations as quickly as possible.

As you will read in the latter part of this guide, these locations serve as more than just an upgrade shop for the player’s vehicles – Los Santos Customs will come in handy when trying to lose the cops.

Los Santos Customs Map Locations

If you start GTA 5 from scratch, you have to manually travel to every Los Santos Customs location to access them.

However, after the player discovers each of the four Los Santos Customs locations, the in-game map will create and save waypoints that the player can use to travel toward every LSC location later on.

Bring up the in-game map by going into the pause menu. Travel to these map locations to arrive at Los Santos Customs.

Carcer Way, Burton, Los Santos:

image 150
image 154

Popular Street, La Mesa, Los Santos:

image 149
image 153

Greenwich Parkway, Los Santos International Airport, Los Santos:

image 148
image 152

Route 68, Harmony, Blaine County:

image 151
image 156

Los Santos Customs Perks

Did you know that you can lose the cops by simply entering a Los Santos Customs garage unnoticed?

Aside from providing car repairs and upgrades, Los Santos Customs can serve as a pseudo-safehouse for players with a wanted star.

However, there is a slight catch – players have to enter Los Santos Customs away from the cops’ sights; otherwise, Los Santos Customs’ garage doors will not open for the player.

Oh, and while you are in there, have some repairs done and get a respray while you are at it.

Drive in Style

Los Santos Customs is not just the “National leader in car customization,” it is also an awesome pseudo-safehouse that players can use to lose the cops when things heat up.

There are only four of these locations in the entire Los Santos area, and they are spaced pretty far from one another, so you have to take some time to travel to these locations to unlock their waypoints on the map.

There we have it! We hope you can find and discover all Los Santos Customs map locations through this guide.

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