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Learn how to complete the Construction Accident random event in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Construction Accident Random Event Guide

You will encounter all kinds of Random Events in GTA 5 as you run through town and jump from one main story mission to the next.

One simple Random Event you’ll likely encounter as you pass through the construction site in Little Seoul is the Construction Accident Random Event, where a construction worker gets stuck in his truck after a series of unfortunate events.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Construction Accident Random Event, including what it is, where you can find it, and the rewards you can expect from completing it.

Construction Accident Random Event Overview

The Construction Accident is a one-off Random Event where you must help a construction worker get out of his truck before it explodes. This Random Event is available to all three protagonists, so it doesn’t matter who you’re playing if you’re looking to complete this Random Event.

The construction worker’s truck will be stuck under multiple large metal pipes, making it impossible to get out of it. He will also tell you that he could smell gasoline, which means the truck could explode at any second.

To help the Construction worker, you need to take the bulldozer parked conveniently in the area and move the pipes away from the left side of the worker’s truck. By doing so, the construction worker can get out of the truck and escape before the truck explodes.

Where is the Construction Accident Random Event in GTA 5?

The Construction Accident Random Event is located at the construction site in Little Seoul. Once you enter the construction site, a cutscene will play out and show you how the truck got stuck under those metal pipes in the first place.

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Help the construction worker by taking the bulldozer into the area and using the bulldozer’s arm to move the metal pipes away from the left side of the truck. This will give the construction worker room to wiggle out of the truck and run to safety.

Construction Accident Random Event Rewards

Despite risking your life to save the construction worker, you will get nothing in return from this Random Event. Nevertheless, you will get the satisfaction of helping a person in need, and you’ll be one Random Event closer to 100% Completion in GTA 5.

You need to complete 14 Random Events to get 100% Completion in GTA 5. So even though you don’t get money or stats from the event, completing it will count towards your journey toward 100% completion on your GTA 5 save file.

Just Helping A Brother Out

Completing this event will not get you any worthwhile rewards aside from the satisfaction of knowing you have saved a life through your heroics. If it is any consolation, you are at least one Random Event closer to checking the 14 Random Events you need to complete to get a 100% completion on your save file in GTA 5.

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