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Nothing like some good ole train hi-jacking.

GTA 5: Derailed Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Derailed is the 47th mission in GTA 5. It involves Michael and Trevor and takes place in Blaine County.

Ron tells Michael about Trevor’s monthly train mission that contains enough gold to keep Ron in trailers and Michael in therapy. Trevor entices Michael even more by telling him the train could have enough gold to pay off Martin Madrazo for their sins, so Michael can finally go back to Los Santos.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Derailed mission in GTA 5 and how you can complete the mission with a Gold Medal.

Derailed Synopsis

Michael arrives at Trevor’s trailer sulking and grieving about his life after Trevor did a number on Martin Madrazo. Unable to go back to Los Santos, Michael continues to stay in Trevor’s trailer in Sandy Shores.

image 155

Ron arrives and has a quick chat with Michael. The conversation quickly turns sour, however, when Ron unintentionally tells Michael how soft he has become. After getting a quick warning from Michael, Ron apologizes and asks Michael to tell Trevor that the monthly train is coming through.

image 156

Just as Michael tries to ask Ron for more details on the monthly train, Trevor and Patricia arrive at the trailer from their walk.

image 157

Trevor proceeds to tell Michael about the job, which, according to him, will have enough gold to pay off Madrazo and get Michael back home.

Trevor tells Michael to get a boat and meet him under Raton Canyon Bridge while Trevor chases after the train. On his way to their assigned locations, Michael asks for more details about the job from Trevor since Trevor has been very vague when talking about it. Trevor confirms Michael’s assumptions and asks him to look for a fast boat.

Trevor also goes on to tell Michael that the train is a high-value courier service run by Merryweather, and the train contains various valuable items such as gold bars, antiquities, or artworks.

As soon as Trevor catches the train, he gives Michael a call and asks him to bring a few bombs with him too. Michael agrees, and tells Trevor he will bring some with him from the trailer after he changes clothes, which baffles Trevor.

image 164

Trevor shrugs it off and drives his way toward the train’s engine. Trevor knocks out the train driver and assumes control of the train. As soon as Trevor gets close to the bridge, he gives Michael a call to ask for his location. Michael answers he isn’t too far from the location and is approaching the rail bridge.

image 166

Just as Michael arrives at the bridge, Trevor tells him to enjoy the view before it starts raining fire. Just as Trevor cuts off his radio, two trains crash head-on against each other, which sends Trevor flying through the air.

Trevor is relatively safe and was able to swim away from the falling trailer cars. He then instructs Michael to plant the bombs in the orange car’s door to blow them off. With the doors of the orange car blown off, Trevor tells Michael to get in and retrieve whatever valuables he can.

image 170

Meanwhile, Trevor assumes a position not too far away from Michael. Trevor deals with quite a few Merryweather agents while Michael searches the car for valuables. After a few minutes, Michael signals Trevor they’re good to go, so the pair get back on the Dinghy and jump off the small waterfall.

image 184

Merryweather agents hot on their heels, Michael drives the Dinghy as quickly as he can while Trevor resumes gun duties to guard their rear.

With most of the Merryweather agents taken care of, Michael and Trevor land at a nearby beach where two getaway vehicles await. Trevor commends Ron for his dependability.

image 190

Before Michael could leave the area, Trevor stopped him and asks to see the loot he retrieved from the orange car. Michael agrees and shows Trevor an antiquity. Trevor does not understand the value of the loot, but Michael explains how antiquity was the perfect item to square things out with Martin Madrazo.

image 192

Michael goes on to tell Trevor the best way to make amends with Martin Madrazo so they don’t end up dead as soon as they set foot in Los Santos.

Trevor does not care about Martin Madrazo, however, and tells Michael how the train mission was his job and his score, before forcefully taking the case from Michael.

image 193

Desperate to go back home to Los Santos, Michael sets up a deal with Trevor. In exchange for the antiquity, Michael will give Trevor something bigger – a part in the Union Depository heist.

image 195

Trevor hesitates at first, but after thinking about the very capable team he has with Michael, Franklin, and Lester on board, Trevor hands Michael the case and tells Michael he will be keeping an eye on him at all times. Michael agrees and tells Trevor how great it feels to be back in business.

image 196

Derailed Gold Medal Objectives

image 154
  • Time: Complete within 11:30.
    • Skip the cutscenes.
  • Fastest Speed: Reach top speed in the Sanchez.
  • Better than CJ: Land on the train using the 1st jump.

Derailed Mission Guide

Take the Sanchez and make your way toward the target location marked blue on the map. This is your best chance to complete the Fastest Speed Gold Medal objective. Just keep an eye out for other cars.

image 159

The first jump will be toward the right side of the train. Keep following the train, but keep a lookout for the first jump and align your Sanchez towards the right side so you land on the train perfectly.

If you skew the positioning a little to the left, you risk overshooting the jump altogether.

image 160
image 161

Be careful once you’re on top of the train. You need to drive across multiple gaps that upset Sanchez’s balance.

image 162
image 163

Once you’re in the train, just keep going at full speed.

image 165

As soon as Trevor gets close to the bridge, the play will switch to Michael on a Dinghy. Just drive the Dinghy towards the yellow marker on the map.

image 167
image 168
image 169

Make your way to the orange container. Use your Sticky Bombs and throw them onto the container doors. Remember to distance yourself from the bomb first before blowing it up.

image 171
image 172
image 173

Once the container is open, the play will switch to Trevor. The first set of enemies will be 3 sets of Merryweather agents on Dinghys. Take them out.

image 177

The next agents will arrive on two choppers.

image 178

The third set of agents will be on the bridge. You need to use Trevor’s sniper with the thermal scope to weed them out.

image 179
image 180

Expect another chopper to arrive, then take out the two agents on parachutes.

image 181

With the parachute agents taken out, make your way to Michael and the Dinghy.

image 183

Keep playing as Trevor and shoot down any agents that attempt to stop you.

image 185
image 187

With the agents dealt with, make your way to the beach marked yellow on the map.

image 188

Disembark from the Dinghy and make your way to the getaway vehicles that Ron has prepared.

image 189
image 197


Michael desperately wants to get back to his family and home in Los Santos, but with Martin Madrazo still expectedly furious with him and Trevor, he has no choice but to hang around at Sandy Shores. Derailed has given Michael the peace offering opportunity he needs to make it up to Madrazo and resume his life in LS.

The Gold Medal objectives for Derailed will be pretty easy to complete. If you skip all the cutscenes, you can save a ton of time to finish the mission in the allotted 11 and a half minutes. Reaching top speed on the Sanchez is very doable as well. Just remember to avoid hitting objects as this can slow you down. Lastly, just keep the accelerator pinned and you’ll easily land on the train using the first jump.

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