VALORANT: Best Cypher Camera Spots on Bind


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Keep an eye on your enemies on Bind.

VALORANT: Best Cypher Camera Spots on Bind

Bind is a relatively well-balanced map where Attackers win around 49% of the time while Defenders win closer to 50%. Despite the Defending side getting the upper hand, the advantage is so slight that both sides have equal chances of winning on Bind assuming everything else is equal.

Sentinel Agents will have a great time playing Defense on Bind, thanks to the relatively narrow and predictable entryways found at A-Short, A-Showers, B-Hooka, and B-Garden. With the right setups, Sentinel Agents such as Cypher can easily hold down entire bombsites alone.

With that said, Cypher’s gameplay revolves around his Spycam, which allows him to track enemy movement on the map and gives him the option to activate his traps remotely.

We have listed some of the best Cypher camera spots on Bind in this guide.

Cypher Best Camera Spots on Bind A-site

The best Cypher players will have a bag full of various Spycam setups that they can use throughout the course of a match. Using the same Spycam spot will only make it a glorified target for the enemy team since they will want to take down your Spycam as quickly as possible to avoid getting tagged and tracked.

With that said, it is important to have variations of Spycam placements on either A-site or B-site on Bind. This way, the enemy team will have to guess where you have placed your Spycam in the following rounds, making it more difficult to take down.

A-Lamps Spycam

This one is a powerful Spycam that can easily spot Attackers at A-short. Unfortunately, its location makes it very susceptible to enemy fire.

Chances are you will only be able to use this spot once every few rounds. Nevertheless, on rounds where the enemy team fails to take down the camera immediately, you can spot A-Short, A-Cubby, and A-Default with ease.

A-Tower Spycam

This Spycam spot just outside A-Tower will give you a bird’s-eye view of A-site as well as a sliver of A-Short. You can alternate between this spot and the other one outside A-Tower to keep the enemies guessing.

A-Tower Alternative Spycam

This Spycam spot provides almost the same field of view as the other A-Tower Spycam. Feel free to alternate between this and the other Spycam spots on A-site.

A-Triple Box Spycam

Not as good as the other A-site Spycams, but should provide decent view of Triple Box, Default, Teleporter, and some of A-Showers.

A-Short Cubby Spycam

Some of the best Spycams are those that are placed behind the enemy’s path. Looking back is the last thing most Attackers do as they will be preoccupied with checking angles towards the bomb site.

This Spycam spot at A-Short should give you a good headcount of enemy players at A-Short. This is great for post-plant as well since it gives a good view of the A-Short cubby and Default.

Cypher Best Camera Spots on Bind B-site

B-Long Spycam

Arguably the best Spycam spot on Bind, period. This Spycam spot is so good it’s almost broken.

This Spycam will spot Attacking team players at B-Long way before they even make it to B-Garden.

Outside B-Garden Spycam

Same as the Spycam spot at A-Short cubby, this one placed just outside of B-Garden will last just a little longer on B-site since the enemy team will be very busy clearing corners and cubbies upon site entry.

B-Hall Spycam

This one provides a great view of B-Garden and outside B-Garden. It does not, however, provide a vision of the back half of the B-site, making it great for early information but not much else.

Nevertheless, you can spot Attackers coming from B-Hooka or B-Garden early with this Spycam.

Hooka Hidden Spycam

Like A-Short cubby and B-Garden, this Spycam will last just a tad bit longer since players rarely look back when taking space toward bomb sites. This one will easily spot enemies coming from B-Hooka and should work well if one of your teammates smokes the B-Hooka entrance.

Bound and Trapped

Cypher is very powerful on Bind – his kit is perfect for holding down A-site or B-site on Defense, and securing flanking lanes when playing on the Attacker side.

All you need is the right setups and the best Spycam spots to keep track of enemies and stop them in their tracks as they attempt to enter either bombsite on the map. With the Spycam spots we have featured above, you should have no problems spotting and tagging enemies even before they have a chance to enter your bomb site.

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