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Learn how to complete the Escape Paparazzi Random Event in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Escape Paparazzi Random Event Guide

Los Santos is a sprawling metropolis with a very diverse demographic, best known for its thriving film-making industry filled with notable celebrities such as MC Clip, Poppy Mitchell, and Al Di Napoli, just to name a few.

One lesser-known celebrity, Lacey Jonas, can be found in one of the Random Events in-game called Escape Paparazzi, where the player helps her escape from rabid paparazzi in the Downtown Vinewood area.

This quick guide outlines the Escape Paparazzi Random Event in GTA 5.

What is the Escape Paparazzi Random Event in GTA 5?

The Paparazzi Random Event is a minor mission in GTA 5 that pops up randomly in a specific location on the map. This Random Event can spawn for all three characters, but the mission can only be completed by safely taking Lacey Jonas home to her Vinewood Hills residence.

Once Lacey Jonas attempts to enter your car, an army of paparazzi will spawn on the map and attempt to drive next to you to take pictures of Lacey Jonas. (like how Franklin and Beverly chased after Miranda Cowan in Paparazzo) Drive away from the paparazzi first, then take Lacey Jonas to her home when the coast is clear.

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There are multiple ways you can mess up the Escape Paparazzi Random Event. You can scare away Lacey Jonas when using violence against the paparazzi, and taking a Vader or Cavalcade near the paparazzi will cause them to mistake any of the protagonists for another celebrity (Michael as Mitch Dexter, Franklin as Clay Jackson, and Trevor as Jock Cranley) either way, the mission will fail as Lacey Jonas will take the opportunity to run away.

Lastly, Lacey Jonas will attempt to escape if you refuse to help her. This will cause her to take a Rumpo or Vader in the area and run away.

You can take Lacey Jonas to the Altruist Cult camp for $1,000 when playing as Trevor.

Escape Paparazzi Random Event Location

There is only one Paparazzi Random Event location in GTA 5, which can be found on Vinewood Boulevard, Downtown Vinewood. You can’t miss the area as it is in front of Cinema Doppler, next to the Oriental Theater.

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The exact location is a small alley just in front of Cinema Doppler. Enter the area, and you’ll likely find Lacey Jonas next to a trailer, asking for help to escape the paparazzi.

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Escape Paparazzi Random Event Rewards

You will get $750 from Lacey Jonas as a reward for helping her and nothing else. You can take Lacey Jonas to the Altruist Cult for $1000 when playing as Trevor.

Unlike other Random Events that give you additional stats alongside a monetary reward, Escape Paparazzi will only get you money and the satisfaction of helping an annoying celebrity escape the even more annoying paparazzi.

Flashing Lights

Thanks to the Paparazzo main story missions with Beverly, you already probably know what it’s like to play the role of a paparazzi. This time, you’ll get a good taste of what it’s like to be on the other side of the coin as you try to run away from an army of paparazzi and take Lacey Jonas home.

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