GTA 5: Grass Roots – The Drag Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Learn how to complete the Grass Roots – The Drag mission in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Grass Roots - The Drag Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

When Franklin met Barry a while ago, Barry told Franklin about the Smoke-In, where several marijuana smokers band together in one place to protest marijuana legality in Los Santos. Before Barry can pull this off, he needs Franklin to move his hidden stashes from their hiding spots and onto Barry’s apartment.

This time, Barry asks Franklin to pick up a car loaded with Barry’s hidden stash from a scrapyard in La Puerta. Things don’t go as planned when Franklin encounters difficulty with the task.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Grass Roots – The Drag and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Grass Roots – The Drag Synopsis

Barry asks Franklin to pick up another stash for him. Franklin heads to the La Puerta neighborhood to look for the hidden stash, as Barry did not give Franklin the exact location.

Franklin looks through every parking lot in the area and comes across an abandoned junkyard, where he finds the hidden stash Barry was talking about. Unfortunately, the car carrying the stash is an old beater that won’t start.

Fortunately, after looking around the area, Franklin conveniently finds a tow truck parked in the junkyard. Franklin has become familiar with how tow trucks work thanks to his previous tow truck jobs for JB and Tonya.

Franklin backs up the tow truck and hooks the old beater carrying Barry’s stash. With the beater hooked up, Franklin drives to Barry’s apartment to deliver the stash.

When he arrives at Barry’s apartment, Franklin tells him he’s completed the job. Barry simply tells Franklin to leave the car in the designated spot.

Grass Roots – The Drag Gold Medal Objectives

image 174
  • Mission Time: Complete within 1:30
  • Hooked: Keep the stash car hooked until delivery.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Grass Roots – The Drag Mission Guide

Look for this junkyard in La Puerta.

image 175
image 176

This car parked between the barriers is the one you’re looking for. Get in so Franklin can try starting the car right away.

image 177

Spam the vehicle enter/exit button as soon as Franklin enters the car. This will stop him from attempting anymore, saving you time.

image 178
image 179

As Franklin exits the car, run toward the junkyard entrance and get inside the tow truck.

image 180
image 181

Drive the tow truck to the car carrying the stash and hook it up. Like in Tonya’s tow truck favor, do not let the car get unhooked, but drive as quickly as possible to complete the mission within the required time limit.

image 182
image 183

Feel free to use Franklin’s special ability to get out of tight situations. Drive toward Barry’s apartment.

image 184

You have to drop the car at the apartment’s rear parking space.

image 185

Unhook the vehicle by pressing the designated button.

image 188

Leave the area immediately. You can cancel Franklin and Barry’s phone call to end the mission.

image 186
image 187

Pulling Yet Another Favor

With all the previous Tonya missions you’ve done in GTA 5, you should be very familiar with tow trucks and what makes them tick by now. While hooking up and delivering the vehicle to Barry’s apartment shouldn’t be a problem in this mission, delivering the beater in under one minute and thirty seconds can be challenging. That said, using Franklin’s special ability should help keep the vehicle hooked while you make tight turns and speed up your travel to Barry’s apartment.

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