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Learn how to complete the Grass Roots mission as Trevor in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Grass Roots - Trevor Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

All three of GTA 5’s protagonists will encounter Barry in a mission called Grass Roots at some point in the game. Grass Roots – Trevor is Trevor’s encounter with the drug legalization advocate, Barry.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Grass Roots – Trevor and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Grass Roots – Trevor Synopsis

While strolling down Legion Square in Downtown Los Santos, Trevor spots a small booth and a man named Barry spearheading an unknown advocacy.

Barry spots Trevor and asks for his support in the advocacy through his signature. Having no idea what the movement is for, Trevor asks Barry if he is fighting for problems such as AIDS or poverty. Instead, Barry tells Trevor he is fighting for the legalization of a known drug, or as Barry puts it, “the right to consume medicinal plants.”

image 226

Owning a drug business of his own, Trevor declines Barry’s request, as he already makes a ton of money selling medicinal plants illegally anyway.

Before Trevor can leave the booth table, Barry stops and offers him a smoke. Trevor declines initially, saying he quit smoking already as it hinders his speed, but accepts the smoke anyway.

image 227

Trevor takes a quick taste of the smoke and immediately starts hallucinating. Due to his intense hallucinations, Trevor starts seeing a bunch of clowns in the distance. Trevor’s hallucinations turn into a clown game where he shoots down all the clowns he spots in the area with a special clown-busting gun.

image 228

Trevor downs several clowns in his hallucinations before he regains consciousness. Trevor fumbles towards Barry’s table to aid his balance, where Barry is explaining things related to the drug. Unfortunately, Trevor was too busy busting clowns in his hallucinations to hear Barry preach.

5 8

Trevor fully regains his consciousness and tells Barry his smoke was terrible. Still, as he walks away, Trevor’s body language says otherwise. Barry waves at a fleeing Trevor and asks him to think about what Barry said.

Grass Roots – Trevor Gold Medal Objectives

image 224
  • Pre-Emptive Strike: Kill four clown vans before they can generate clowns.
  • Greatest Dancer: Kill six clowns while they are dancing

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Grass Roots – Trevor Mission Guide

As Trevor takes his first smoke, get ready to shoot some clowns. Shoot these three clowns down while they are dancing. You must kill six dancing clowns for the Greatest Dancer Gold Medal Objective.

1 10

Keep an eye out on the minimap for these clown vans. You need to destroy these vans before they can make more clowns. Down four vans before it spawns clowns to get the Pre-Emptive Strike Gold Medal Objective.

3 6

The last few clowns will spawn in a tight cluster. Shoot them all down to end the hallucination.

4 10
6 8

One With The Clowns

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor will handle Barry’s smoke a little differently from one another. Chaos and destruction are standard fares for Trevor-specific missions, and Grass Roots – Trevor does not disappoint. However, instead of shooting down actual people, Trevor shoots down mad clowns in his mad rampage.

Getting a Gold Medal in Grass Roots – Trevor is not too difficult to achieve. Thanks to the numerous clowns populating Trevor’s hallucinations, there are plenty of chances to hit both objectives.

You will not have to worry about ammo with Trevor’s gun, so feel free to shoot as many targets as often as you like. Just remember to blow up the incoming clown vans before the clowns can exit the van. You also need to kill six clowns while they are dancing, so make sure you keep moving from one target to another.

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