GTA 5: How to Get 100% Completion


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Complete these activities in GTA 5 to get 100% completion on your save file.

GTA 5: How to Get 100% Completion

GTA 5 is nine years old at this point, which means players, content creators, and fans have probably already completed the Main Story mission by now and have moved on to GTA 5 Online, where most of the new content for GTA 5 is right now.

Completing the main story mission doesn’t mean you’ll get 100% completion on your GTA 5 save game file. You must complete a list of specific activities in GTA 5 to do that.

Below is a list of everything you need to complete in-game to get 100% completion in GTA 5.

GTA 5 100% Completion Checklist

Below is a complete list of activities, challenges, and mini-games that you must complete to progress through your GTA 5 save file. Some of the requirements are pretty specific, so check the whole list to understand better what to do for each activity.

  • Complete all GTA 5 Main Story Missions
  • Complete all of Franklin’s Strangers and Freaks Missions
    • 4 Barry Missions with Franklin
    • 6 Beverly Missions
    • 4 Dom Missions
    • 1 Hao Mission
    • 1 Mary-Ann Mission
    • 2 Omega Missions
    • 1 Peter Dreyfuss Mission
    • 5 Tonya Missions
  • Complete 42 Hobbies and Pastimes
    • Darts: Win 1 game
    • 12 Flight School Challenges: Win a medal in each of the 12 Flight School Challenges
    • Golf: Play 9 holes and finish with a par or a birdie.
    • 6 Offroad Races” Win a medal in the six Offroad Races.
    • Parachuting: Complete all Base Jumps
    • Parachuting: Complete all Helicopter Jumps
    • 4 Sea Races: Win a medal in all four sea races.
    • 6 Shooting Range Challenges: Win three medals in each of the Shooting Range Challenges.
    • 5 Street Races: Win a medal in all five Street Races.
    • Strip Club: Get 1 Private dance.
    • Tennis: Win one game of tennis.
    • 3 Triathlons: Win a medal in three triathlons.
  • Complete 14 Random Events
  • Complete 16 Miscellaneous Activities
    • Purchase any 5 Properties
    • Purchase a Vehicle from a website
    • Walk and play fetch with Chop
    • Complete a Booty Call
    • Receive a Prostitute Service
    • Hold Up a Store
    • Visit the Cinema
    • Collect all 50 Spaceship Parts
    • Collect all 50 Letter Scraps
    • Complete 25 of 50 Stunt Jumps
    • Complete 25 of 50 Under The Bridge
    • Complete 8 of 15 Knife Flights.
  • Complete all Friend Activities
    • Visit the Cinema
    • Visit a Bar
    • Visit the Strip Club
    • Play Darts

Perfect Completion

Getting 100% completion in GTA 5 is not necessary. Still, some players pride themselves on their ability to scour every single corner of a game and hit every objective the game has to offer. GTA 5’s vast and complex world makes getting 100% completion more challenging, especially if you do not know which activities contribute to your progress in-game.

That said, the list above should give you a good idea about which missions and activities you need to complete to get 100% completion in GTA 5.

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