How To Get to the Top of Maze Bank in GTA 5 for Dom Quest


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Learn how to reach the top of Maze Bank tower for the Dom Quest in GTA 5.

How To Get to the Top of Maze Bank in GTA 5 for Dom Quest

Dom Beasly is a minor character in GTA 5 who appears in a Strangers & Freaks missions series for Franklin. He is an adrenaline junky who loves taking on risky activities around Los Santos.

Dom will take Franklin on high-risk activities, starting with the mission Risk Assessment. Eventually, Dom will ask Franklin to jump off Maze Bank Tower with him in the mission-targeted risk.

You must get to the top of the Maze Bank tower to start the Dom Quest. There is only one way to get there, and we will show you how in this quick guide.

Where is Maze Bank Tower?

You can find Maze Bank Tower in Pillbox Hill, Los Santos, and San Andreas in GTA 5. Check out the map below to find the tower in-game.

Head to Pillbox Hill to find Maze Bank and complete the Dom Quest
A screenshot of the map in GTA 5

The Maze Bank Tower is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the game and was built in 1985. It serves as the headquarters for Maze Bank. The tower is almost half the height of Mount Chiliad, with an altitude of 1,050ft, making it one of the best parachute locations in the game.

How to get to the top of Maze Bank Tower for Dom Quest?

You cannot enter most buildings in GTA 5, and Maze Bank Tower is no exception. There is no way to get to the top of the tower from inside the building, so your only option is to steal an aircraft and fly to the top of the tower.

Get to the top of maze bank in GTA 5 by using a helicopter.

The blip for starting the Dom Quest can only be accessed from the top of Maze Bank tower, and the only way to get to the top of Maze Bank for Dom Quest in GTA 5 is by using a plane or helicopter to get to the top of the building.

A gameplay still from GTA 5

You can either use Cheats to spawn a plane or helicopter or head to Los Santos International Airport and steal them manually. If you choose to do the former, you cannot get a Gold Medal in Dom Quest since using cheats automatically disables achievements in GTA 5.

How to Complete the Dom Quest (Targeted Risk Mission) in GTA 5?

Targeted Risk is a fairly simple mission you can easily complete with a Gold Medal in GTA 5. Here are the mission objectives:

  • Land on the back of the truck.
    • If Franklin stumbles while landing and falls off, the mission is failed.

As you can see from the mission objectives, Targeted Risk can easily be completed as long as you know how to use a parachute.

Getting Gold Medal in this Dom Quest will require meeting a few more objectives.

  • Dare Devil Free Fall for 8 seconds.
  • Bullseye Land on the flatbed.

Getting gold in Targeted Risk will require free fall and deploying your parachute at the last second. On top of that, you’ll need to land on the moving flatbed driving along the bridge.

If you need more information about targeted risk, we have a detailed guide to help you get a gold medal in GTA 5 for this mission. Check out our Targeted Risk Mission Guide here.

Are Strangers and Freaks missions important?

Strangers and Freaks missions are considered side missions in GTA 5 and are not required to finish Story Mode. However, you need to complete Franklin Strangers and Freaks missions to get 100% completion in GTA 5.

  • Tonya Missions
  • Beverly Missions
  • Hao Missions
  • Barry Missions
  • Mary-Ann Missions
  • Dom Missions
  • Omega Missions
  • Peter Dreyfus Mission

Adrenaline Junkie

Targeted Risk is the only Dom Quest that requires you to get to the top of Maze Bank to start the mission. The only real challenge in this Dom quest is getting to the top of the Maze Bank tower to start the mission.

You can get to the top of Maze Bank Tower by taking a helicopter or any other type of aircraft. Refer to the guide above to quickly spawn an aircraft in GTA 5 so you can finally start the Dom Quest.

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