How To Complete Targeted Risk Mission in GTA 5


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Learn how to complete the Targeted Risk Mission in GTA 5!

How To Complete Targeted Risk Mission in GTA 5

Dom Beasley will stop at nothing to get those adrenaline juices flowing. While the adrenaline junkie can have tons of fun alone, having a playmate such as Franklin who’s willing to engage in the same high-risk activities just makes the cost of doing these activities more worthwhile.

After completing the extremely expensive jumping-off-a-plane-on-ATVs activity in the last mission, Dom invites Franklin to another high-risk activity on top of the Maze Bank building.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Targeted Risk and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Targeted Risk Mission Synopsis in GTA 5

Dom and Franklin meet up at the top of Maze Bank Tower. With their parachutes secured, the pair jump off the Maze Bank tower without a second thought. While falling, Dom instructs Franklin to land on the Flatbed truck traversing Low Power Street.

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Franklin makes it onto the back of the Flatbed truck, but Dom can either miss the mark or make it. Either way, both men will rendezvous at a repair shop on Elgin Avenue.

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If Dom misses the landing point, he will meet up with Franklin at the repair shop, visibly frustrated that he missed the Flatbed while Franklin made it. Upset with his defeat, Dom challenges Franklin to a showdown at the Land Act Reservoir.

Targeted Risk Gold Medal Objectives

image 248
  • Dare Devil: Free fall for 8 seconds.
  • Bullseye: Land on the Flatbed.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Targeted Risk Mission Guide

Jump right after Dom makes his jump by pressing the assigned button.

image 250

Don’t pull out your parachute just yet. You must freefall for 8 seconds to get the Dare Devil Gold Medal objective.

image 251
image 252

You must also land at the back of the Flatbed truck to get the Bullseye Gold Medal objective. This part can get tricky because the delayed parachute deployment means you need to time it almost perfectly if you want to get both the Dare Devil and Bullseye Gold Medal objectives in one sitting.

image 253

Slow down your descent with the parachute by pulling back the left joystick on the controller or pressing the “S” button on your keyboard.

Press L1 and R2 simultaneously to make a precise landing. You can do the same on the PC by pressing the LShift button.

image 254
image 256

Dom will miss the landing and will instead meet Franklin at the designated auto repair shop on his vehicle.

image 257
image 259
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Riskier By The Day

Dom’s shenanigans just seem to get worse every day. What started as a perfectly normal parachute jump from a helicopter in the mountains has escalated to cargo plane jumps on ATVs and parachuting off one of the tallest buildings in Los Santos. There’s no telling what Dom has in store for Franklin next.

You can easily hit the Dare Devil Gold Medal objective in Targeted Risk by delaying your parachute deployment for eight seconds. To get the Bullseye Gold Medal objective, you just need to make sure you land on the Flatbed. Check out our guide on How to Use a Parachute to land on the Flatbed easily and hit the Bullseye Gold Medal objective.

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