GTA 5: Mr. Phillips Misson Guide (Gold Medal)


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Gentlemen, meet Mr. Phillips.

GTA 5: Mr. Phillips Misson Guide (Gold Medal)

Whether you love or hate him, Trevor is integral to GTA 5’s three-person heist squad. The first few missions in the game have focused on Franklin and Michael, so this time, we get our first look at Trevor through his first solo mission, Mr. Phillips.

This mission will be much more challenging than you’re used to, especially since Franklin and Michael’s solo missions were admittedly a bit too easy to complete. In addition, getting a Gold Medal finish in Mr. Phillips will require you to hit five different objectives in-game.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Mr. Phillips in this guide.

Mr. Phillips Synopsis

Warning: Gameplay/plot spoilers ahead.

Mr. Phillips starts just a few days after Franklin and Michael complete their first heist together. As the duo drinks at Michael’s house, Dave Norton warns Michael about Trevor and how the latter might have been alerted to Michael’s involvement in the recent heist. Michael simply shrugs it off, believing that Trevor was long dead after their last heist together just a few years ago.

image 239

Trevor is anything but dead and finds out about Michael after he watches the news report where the witness uttered the favorite quote of his former colleague. Confused and disoriented about the news he just heard, Trevor takes out his frustration on Johnny Klebitz – the leader of Lost MC.

image 240
image 241
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Trevor knew exactly what would be coming for him after he killed the biker club leader and decided to bring the fight to them before they could even think about avenging their leader’s death.

Trevor takes Wade and Ron to Grapeseed, where they eliminate every member of the bike group’s local chapter.

After Trevor deals with the Lost MC members, he asks Wade to look for Michael in Los Santos, but not before they deal with Aztecas leader Ortega. Trevor can either kill or let Ortega live. Either way, Trevor has secured his position as the new meth and firearms boss in Blaine County.

Gold Medal Objectives

image 237
  • No SurvivorsKill all fleeing bikers.
    • Kill all members on the left entrance road with headshots. If you are having trouble, use Trevor’s special ability to make this easier.
    • Proceed to the middle of the park and kill all members trying to escape from the left. You can also just shoot the gas canisters by the trailers along the right entrance road.
    • Check the map for three bikers flashing blue or red on the map. Kill them to complete this objective.
  • HeadshotsGet 12 headshots.
    • You can complete this objective while simultaneously trying to complete the “No Survivors” objective. Just remember to land those headshots.
  • Time – Complete within 12:00.
    • Cutscenes will count in the completion of this mission. So skip as many cutscenes as possible.
  • Trailer Trashed – Cause $5,000 damage to Ortega’s trailer.
    • Push Ortega’s trailer down into the river. Do not stop pushing until it sits in the middle of the river.
  • Lost and Damned – Kill Terry and Clay during the chase.
    • Kill the two bikers as soon as possible or risk losing them in the park chase.

Mr. Phillips Mission Guide

Get to Trevor’s truck and drive towards the marked location on the map.

image 244
image 245

Lost MC members Terry and Clay will hang around at the target location.

image 246
image 248

Follow the bikers as they make their escape. Check the map for their location. They will show up as a red blip on the map.

image 249

Kill Terry and Clay as soon as possible or risk losing them in the scramble later in the mission.

Remember to aim for their heads; you will need 12 to get a Gold Medal in this mission. Leave the van alone and wait for it to lead you to the rest of the Lost MC members.

image 250

Upon reaching the park, make your way towards the left entrance first and kill every member you see. Remember to aim for their heads when you can.

image 251
image 252

Feel free to use Trevor’s special ability as you fight against the bikers.

image 253

Make your way back to the truck as soon as the remaining Lost MC members make a run for it.

Eliminate the rest of the Lost MC members to complete the No Survivors objective.

image 254

With the rest of the Lost MC members dealt with, make your way towards the marked location on the map.

image 255
image 256

Push Ortega’s trailer down the river. Do not stop until the trailer settles in the river.

image 259

You can choose to kill Ortega or let him live. The choice is yours.

image 261
image 262

After you have dealt with Ortega, head back to Trevor’s truck and to Ron’s place.

image 263

The mission will end as soon as Ron runs back to his house.

image 264

Press the “Expand” button to check how many Gold Medal objectives you were able to complete in this run.

image 266

Trevor Phillips

With cutscenes included, the Mr. Phillips mission in GTA 5 can run for as long as 20 minutes, depending on how quickly you can take out all the bikers. When going for a Gold Medal, this mission can take even longer as you must hit several specific objectives to complete the mission with flying colors.

Fortunately, you can redo this mission anytime and try to hit as many Gold Medal objectives as possible. Each objective you complete will count in every re-run, so feel free to come back and complete the other objectives sometimes.

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