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Learn how to complete the Shop Robberies events in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Shop Robberies Guide

Tons of Random Events in GTA 5 give the GTA 5 world a sense of life and realism. Some NPCs will ask for a ride, while others are even smart enough to try and lure you into a trap.

One of the Random Events you’ll encounter around the Los Santos area is the Shop Robbery Random Event, where you chase after crooks, retrieve stolen cash, and return it to the store from which it was stolen.

This guide outlines everything about Shop Robberies Random Event in GTA 5.

Shop Robberies

Shop Robberies are different from Store Robberies. The former requires you to help stores that have been stolen, while the latter requires you to steal from the stores for quick cash.

There are two Shop Robbery Random Events in GTA 5. The first involves a robbery at Bob Mulet Barber Shop, while the next happens in a Suburban store. The only way to know if the store is robbed is by entering the front door. The Bob Mulet Robbery Random Event will not show up on the map.

For both Random Events, you have to wait for the robbers to complete their take before you jump in and take them out.

That said, you only need to take out the robber carrying the money bag to complete the Suburban Shop Robbery, while the Bob Mulet Random Event only requires you to shoot the getaway car until the robbers drop the money bag. Afterward, you can return the money to the store to complete the mission. Alternatively, you can keep the money for yourself after you collect it.

Shop Robbery Locations

The first Shop Robbery Random Event can be found in Eastbourne Way, Rockford Hills. Look for the Bob Mulet Barber Shop and enter the store to see if it is being robbed.

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The second Shop Robbery Random Event happens at the Suburban clothing store along Prosperity Street Promenade, Del Porro.

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Robbery in both locations will spawn randomly within the game. Check both locations at least once daily (in-game time) to see if either is being robbed.

Shop Robbery Rewards

After successfully returning the stolen money at Bob Mulet, you will get a shop discount for your next haircut. If you’re not feeling very generous, you can keep the money for yourself ($2000) after you remove the robbers.

On the other hand, Shop Robbery 2 at Suburban will get you a 25% discount on your bill every time you purchase from the store. Like the first Shop Robbery Random Event, you can opt to keep the cash ($2000) if you don’t feel like being a good Samaritan.

Stop Right There!

You are typically the one doing the stick-ups and robberies around GTA 5. But occasionally, Random Events such as Shop Robbery events allow you to show off your good side by helping other needy NPCs.

The Shop Robbery Random Events is a double-edged blade, however, as you can still keep the money after you take down the store robber. The choice is yours.

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