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Make a quick buck driving NPCs around town.

GTA 5: Taxi Cab Guide

Taxi Cabs are some of the franchise’s most recognizable vehicles in any Grand Theft Auto game. Die-hard fans of the franchise will be very familiar with these commuters, which date as far back as Grand Theft Auto II, and have made subsequent appearances in every Grand Theft Auto game since then.

In the 3D and HD Universe, Taxi Cabs are one of the few interactive vehicles that allow players to drive the vehicle and take side missions. This means players can ferry NPCs around for a small profit as a typical taxi cab driver would.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the Taxi Cab in GTA 5.

The GTA 5 Taxi Cab

The keen-eyed among you will recognize the Taxi Cab’s body shape in GTA 5 – it shares the same model as the GTA 5 Police Cruiser and Unmarked Cruiser. While all three vehicles share the same platform and chassis in GTA 5, a few subtle differences remain.

The GTA 5 Taxi Cab sports an Inline-4 engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The Taxi Cab is RWD, which explains why the car is still entirely controllable even when the rear tires kick out.

However, unlike the Police Cruiser and the Unmarked Cruiser, the Taxi Cab emits a slightly more muted engine sound, suggesting its inferior performance compared to similar police vehicles.

As mentioned, you can take Taxi Cab missions while driving a Taxi Cab in GTA 5. You can even earn a small profit from successful Taxi Cab rides.

Where to Find the GTA 5 Taxi Cab

The Taxi Cab in GTA 5 is probably the most accessible vehicle to find in the game. And no, it’s not because of its very recognizable blue and yellow paint job.

Like Ambulances in GTA 5, you can use your cell phone to call a Taxi Cab to pick you up at your current location. After which, you can steal the car and drive away.

Alternatively, you can hang around at the Los Santos International Airport district, where a ton of Taxi Cabs can be seen picking up and driving away with the newly arrived passengers.

You can also find a ton of Taxi Cabs roaming around the wealthier parts of Los Santos, but Taxi Cab NPC drivers will try to avoid poorer areas on the map.

A Taxi Cab can be found at the Oriental Theater as well. Still, if you really can’t find these blue and yellow vehicles around town, your best bet would be to head towards the Downtown Cab Co. be prepared to take some heat as you might be given a Wanted Level star from stealing a Taxi Cab from there.

How to work as a Taxi Cab Driver

Working as a Taxi Cab driver in GTA 5 is simple. You first need to get your hands on a taxi cab through any of the methods above. After which, hold the “Horn” button on your keyboard or controller, which will prompt the dispatcher that you’re ready to take customers.

The dispatcher will then give you your first customer through the radio. You can accept pickup offers by tapping “E” on the keyboard or by pressing on the left joystick on Playstation or Xbox whenever the dispatcher asks on the radio.

A blue marker will spawn on the mini-map, which will guide you toward the customer’s exact location.

Drive to the marked location, wait for the customer to board the Taxi Cab, and then drive them to their destination.

However, remember to drive smoothly and calmly, as you risk not getting paid by the customer if you drive too carelessly. In addition, driving as smoothly as possible will increase your chances of getting a tip and increasing your profit while moonlighting as a Taxi Cab driver in GTA 5.


Taking Taxi Cab jobs in GTA 5 can be quite relaxing as you’re forced to drive much slower than you would on something like the Duke O’ Death, for example. You’ll also be paid for your services, which should make the Taxi Cab missions worth your while in-game.

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