GTA 5: Why Does It Say Blocked


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Wondering why it says blocked when setting up a heist in GTA 5. Here’s why.

GTA 5: Why Does It Say Blocked

GTA 5’s open-world environment lets you form a crew with other players to take on various heists and missions in the game. Unfortunately, some GTA 5 players have reportedly been experiencing a weird bug that keeps them from inviting other players to their crew.

Here are some possible reasons why it says blocked when inviting other players to your crew in GTA 5.

What does blocked mean in GTA 5?

When you invite other players to join you in a heist, “Invited” will appear next to their name in the heist settings screen. However, there are instances when the word “blocked” appears instead.

Blocked players cannot be invited to join a heist in GTA 5. There could be various reasons why this problem occurs in-game, but some possible instances include the following:

  • The invited player declined your invite.
  • Someone on your crew has another player on the same crew in their block list.
  • A player on your crew is playing on an outdated version of GTA 5.
  • The invited player has yet to complete the GTA Online tutorial.

The exact reason why the “blocked” error shows up is unknown, and players have experienced the blocked error in GTA 5 but for different reasons. For example, despite not declining a heist invite, the game can still say blocked when you invite players to your crew.

Why does it say blocked when I invite my friend to a heist GTA 5?

There are multiple reasons for seeing “blocked” when inviting friends or other players to join you in a heist in GTA 5. Some possible reasons include:

  • The invited player has blocked all incoming Social Club, Steam, or Epic Games communication.
  • The invited player has turned off invites from other players.
  • The invited player has declined your invitation.
  • The invited player has an outdated version of GTA 5.

Check your in-game settings and ensure you have not accidentally blocked your friend or other crew members to avoid seeing “blocked” when inviting other players to your crew. Ask your friend to do the same so you can eliminate as many variables as possible and solve the problem.

How to block/unblock players in GTA 5

  1. Navigate to the Online tab in the pause menu.
Navigate to the Online tab to find the blocking options in GTA 5.

2. Navigate to Players.

3. View the profile of the player you want to block/unblock, then choose Options.

Click on the player you want to block or unblock then choose options.

4. Choose Show Profile.

5. Choose Player Actions, then choose Block.

Choose player actions and then choose block to block a player in GTA 5.

Keep in mind that blocking players will only keep them out of missions. Blocked players can still join your crew if another player invites them. Unfortunately, you cannot force a player out of your current GTA 5 session by blocking them.

Final Thoughts

The blocked error is an unusual error that is triggered differently for various players in GTA 5, making it difficult to find the root cause of the problem. The easiest way to fix the issue is for each crew member to restart the game, and I hope the issue resolves itself for you and your crew.

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