How To Buy a Auto Shop in GTA 5


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Buy your auto shop in GTA V with the help of this guide.

How To Buy a Auto Shop in GTA 5

Vehicles will always play an important role in GTA 5/GTA Online gameplay. Not only are vehicles the most common and most reliable form of transportation for getting from A to B in-game, but they are also some of the most customizable items in the game.

Buying a stunning car and customizing it to your specifications is a dream for most GTA 5/GTA Online players. However, owning a shop where you can customize and repair your car is a luxury.

This quick guide will show you how to buy Auto Shop in GTA 5/GTA Online.

What is an Auto Shop?

The Auto Shop is one of many properties you can purchase in GTA V/GTA Online. Auto Shops offer similar services to GTA 5 Story Mode’s Los Santos Customs. However, unlike Los Santos Customs, where you bring your car in to have it modified/fixed, you will fix and modify yourself in Auto Shops.

Auto Shop lets you run a legitimate repair business where you repair and modify customer cars. It also includes a Mod Shop where you can customize your vehicles. Other players can access your Auto Shop and avail of the same customization and repair services. However, they must pay the full price without the 5% owner’s discount. If you are an MC President or CEO, your constituents repair their vehicles at your Auto Shop for free.

How to Buy an Auto Shop in GTA V

Before buying an Auto Shop in GTA V, you must attend the LS Car Meet and meet with Mimi. After the brief cutscene with Mimi, talk to her again and pay $50,000 to join the LS Car Meet.

  1. Head to the LS Car Meet.
Head to the LS Car Meet first before you buy an auto shop in GTA V

2. Talk to Mimi.

Talk to Mimi and buy yourself a membership so you can start buying an Auto Shop.

3. Pay the $50,000 membership fee.

A gameplay still from GTA 5

Like most real estate in the game, you can buy Auto Shop in GTA V from Maze Bank Foreclosures, where you can choose from any of the five Auto Shops available.

  1. Bring up the in-game smartphone.
A gameplay still from GTA 5

2. Access the web browser.

A gameplay still from GTA 5

3. Click on Maze Bank Foreclosures.

A gameplay still from GTA 5

4. Click on Auto Shop to sort the pins.

A gameplay still from GTA 5

5. Choose the Auto Shop location you want to purchase.

Click on ony of the five pins to buy an Auto Shop in GTA V

Is the Auto Shop in GTA V Worth it?

Auto Shops are anything but cheap, with the most affordable location being the Mission Row Auto Shop, which costs $1,670,000.

With that said Auto Shops will be well worth your initial investment, thanks to its many features and services. Moreover, you’ll also get fun heist-style missions after you purchase the Auto Shop. These missions will also help you make back the initial investment you made when you purchased the Auto Shop, as these missions can pay anywhere from $150,000 to $300,000 each.

Moreover, you also get a neat 10-car garage and access to an import/export board, where you go full-on Grand Theft Auto, steal 10 exotic cars, and deliver them to the port for cash.

Final Thoughts

Don’t expect to build an empire through Auto Shop profits anytime soon. Auto Shops earn very little by themselves, as the contract missions and import/export jobs net you profit in this business.

Nevertheless, having an Auto Shop gives you the convenience of repairing and customizing your and your friends’ vehicles at a discount, a 10-car garage to store all your vehicles, and the satisfaction of owning your own Los Santos Customs-esque business in GTA 5/GTA Online.

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