How To Make Chop Happy in GTA V


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We will walk you through how to make Chop Happy in GTA V.

How To Make Chop Happy in GTA V

Chop is a minor character in GTA V, but Franklin’s loyal Rottweiler plays important roles in several missions in Story Mode. In these missions, you also get the rare chance to explore the game world briefly from Chop’s point of view.

Franklin’s Rottweiler will not be seen in future missions after he has completed his role in the main storyline. However, this shouldn’t stop you from interacting and spending time with the game’s adorable Rottweiler.

This quick guide will show you how to make Chop happy in GTA V.

What to do with Chop in GTA V?

You will encounter Chop as early as the fifth main story mission in GTA V. Chop will help out in several missions in the game, namely:

The missions above will allow you to control and play as Chop to hunt down targets for Franklin. In the mission Chop, you get to use Chop in first-person as you hunt down D in an abandoned trainyard. While in the mission Predator, you can switch to Chop’s view again to chase down targets in the woods.

However, after you complete these Main Story missions, Chop will no longer join Franklin, Michael, and Trevor in any mission. Instead, he will spend most of his time in Franklin’s new home in Vinewood Hills, where you can take him for walks and play fetch with him in your free time.

How to Make Chop Happy

You can make Chop happy by simply giving him food/treats, playing with him, and giving him a new collar. This can only be done through the iFruit App, which you must download on your mobile phone.

Take Chop for a walk to make him happy in GTA V

In the iFruit App, you can view Chop’s happiness levels and manage them by giving him food, a drink, a gift, taking him to the park, or praise.

It is important to manage Chop’s happiness in GTA V. Otherwise, Chop will become upset and won’t respond immediately to Franklin’s call or when Franklin asks him to play fetch in GTA 5.

Is Chop Still Alive in GTA V?

Chop is still alive and kicking in GTA V, albeit a little slower, as he has aged a bit after the events of GTA V’s Story Mode.

In GTA Online, you can find Chop in Franklin’s office at the F. Clinton and Partner headquarters, where he helps build security alongside the Agency Security Guard. Although he’s quite a bit older now, the Agency Security Guard believes Chop can still chase and take down intruders when necessary.

Final Thoughts

Making Chop happy will go a long way in ensuring he stays alert and eager in GTA 5. Fortunately, you can easily manage Chop’s happiness levels using the iFruit app, where you can give Chop food and water and even play minigames with GTA V’s beloved Rottweiler.

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