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Button City is a wonderful narrative adventure that is centred around having a good time at the arcade with your friends.

While your foxy companion chases down the ultimate gaming experience at Button City, there are a few hidden tips and tricks which can be sniffed out to give you the edge in completing the storyline and hunting down all the side-quests. Hopefully, this guide will help you outfox the competition.

Guide: Button City Tips and Tricks

The Arcade

There are three mini-games at the arcade. Gababot, a wanna-be dungeon crawler, see’s you assume control of a robot in a team of four to collect fruit around an intergalactic space map to create the most smoothies in a time limit. rEVloution Racer is a retro arcade racer, and Prisma Beats is a rhythm game based on DDR. Here are a few tips and tricks for each arcade game to give you a slight edge.  


For the majority of the Gobabots battles within the main storyline, you’ll have to use either Bot Bot or Pinerang mandatorily. However, if you decide to challenge animal residents within the world or play at the arcade at your leisure, you will have the option to use whatever Gobabot you want.

You can purchase different Gobabots with Pal Points that you accumulate from winning matches at the arcade. You can buy Gobaots at the prize counter upstairs in Button City’s arcade, or you can buy them from Licorice, who you will find outside Button City, running any unofficial black market of sorts.

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Every single Gobabot will have different stats, weapons and specials to utilize. Personally, I gravitated towards using balanced Gobabots such as Citratana and Fujislash, which favoured close combat encounters. Although, if you’re perhaps looking for more of a tank or aggressive Gobabot, I would recommend buying Machamelon or Jellybop. Or, if you prefer a speedy approach with ranged attacks, you should consider using Sparkleberry or Peelzap.

Saying this, Gobabots are not too expensive within the game currency, so if you ever purchase a little guy you are not happy with, it won’t take too long to grind until you can buy another one.

rEVloution Racer

This mini-game will require you to race down Watermelon Moutain to beat the competition. If you race down the track normally, you won’t get anywhere near the scoreboard times; however, a few tricks will help.

When racing down the track, you’ll inevitably drift around a corner with the analogue stick, and your boost meter will go up. To boost your car, you’ll need to press the circle button. But again, boosting every once in a while will probably not lead to you beating the scoreboard time.

I guaranteed my time was always around one minute and a half by pressing X and circle throughout the entire race whilst manipulating racing lines to drift down the track. It might sound complex to pull off, but it’s easier to do than it sounds.

Prisma Beats

Unquestionably, this is the hardest mini-game in the arcade, in my opinion. It’s your stereotypical rhythm game; press certain buttons when indicated. Even though the premise might sound easy, some of the songs are incredibly fast, and the mini-game reflects that. Luckily, your ability in this mini-game won’t affect the main storyline but will impact the side quests and will make achieving the trophy for collect all wearables (Fancy Fluff) difficult.

There are three different ways of inputting the commands to execute a dance move. You can use the d-pad, analogue stick or tringle, circle, X, and square. I would recommend experimenting with what feels most comfortable for yourself and even use a combination of multiple methods.

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You can also use Fluff Buffs to enable you to utilize an item that will have different status effects, which may help you get familiar with the songs. For example, Rose Soda, which you can buy outside Button City in the pink vending machine, will make hitting notes more manageable. Pizza is another good item to use, which can be purchased inside Button City’s arcade at the snack bar, which will protect three combos from a missed note. It should be noted; you can’t use these Fluff Buffs during side-quests, so it will be a case of practice makes perfect.

Other Tips and Tricks

There are two forms of currency within the game, Buttons and Pal Points. You can accumulate buttons by interacting with items in the world and Pal Points by winning at the arcade. The best method to grind for both currencies at the same time is to challenge animals residents within the world. If you win your match, you’ll be rewarded with both Buttons and Pal Points.

There are a ton of side-quests to take on within the game, but they will only become activated when talking to certain animal critters or buying specific items, so make sure to explore everything the world has to offer.

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One side quest which is a bit time consuming is Whether the Weather. If you talk to Alfalfa outside the Mart Mart, they are currently panicking over the weather for the next couple of days and want to prepare. Therefore, they ask Fennel to inform them about the weather forecast. The problem is you are presented with a mystic-meg dilemma, where you literally have to guess the weather from a series of options. If you want the answers for each day, we’ll list them down below.

Day 1

  • Clear Skies
  • Warm Temperature
  • A Calm Breeze

Day 2

  • Cloudy Skies
  • Hot Teampture
  • Billowing Winds

Day 3

  • Stormy Skies
  • Cold Temapture
  •  A Calm Breeze
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