Guide: How Long to Beat Button City?


Yasmine Hubbard

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Button City is a colourful adventure powered by friendship, 90’s nostalgia and arcade madness.

Button City follows the antics of a timid little fox named Fennel as he discovers the wonders of a new city, makes new friends, and masters the games at the local arcade. This guide will give you a rough idea of how long it might take to complete the main storyline and see everything the game offers.

Guide: How Long to Beat Button City?

How long is the story?

The storyline has seven chapters to progress through and will take approximately 4 hours to complete if all the dialogue options are not skipped over. The adventure is very heavily narrative-driven and is perhaps one of the best parts of this experience, so I would suggest enjoying the story as it will often tell you where to go next.

Although, if you ever get stuck, you can look at the diary by pressing start, which will have a list of ongoing and completed quests.

How long to beat the game and side quests?

There are numerous side quests to complete, which will become available at specific points of the game. Even though you can choose to tackle them whenever you want, it may be best to start them after completing the main storyline. If you enjoyed the main plot, you should plough through with the side-quests, as it includes the same witty and lighthearted humour from the main story.

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From here, taking on all the side quests could easily take another four hours, assuming you don’t skip the dialogue. Also, some side-quests will only start when you speak to certain anthropomorphic animals or buying particular items. For instance, going to the library downtown and buying the strategy book will unlock a new mode in Prisma Beats. After completing a song in that mode, a new side-quest will begin. So make sure to talk to everyone you encounter and buy all the items that you can.

The side quests will vary from beating high scores at the arcade, helping out animal residents by collecting items scattered across the land, to simply relaying messages between different characters.

A nice little bonus for completing the side quests is that you’ll usually be rewarded with an item. These rewards often include some very cool looking outfits for our fox protagonist. The outfits can range from a wrestling belt to a chav tracksuit with shades. But, of course, if you’re after that platinum trophy, you’ll have to complete all the side quests, as one of the trophies requires you to collect all wearables (Fancy Fluff).

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