Season 5 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Launches August 12th


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Maps, modes, zombies, and guns galore this season.

Season Five of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone is already fast approaching PlayStation on August 12th and it has plenty of freebies as well as Battle Pass items for its players to enjoy.

Season 5 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Launches August 12th

This season’s Battle Pass will be adding two new weapons: the EM2 and the TEC-9.

The EM2 is a full-auto assault rifle that comes equipped with a low-optic zoom, giving its users improved accuracy as well as having a slower fire rate with a decent amount of range on it. This makes the EM2 the perfect weapon for mid-range warfare.

Meanwhile, the TEC-9 is an SMG that has evolved from being just used at a close distance due to its improved accuracy, low recoil and therefore slower fire rate. Players that are looking for some versatility in their weaponry should give the TEC-9 a try as its damage output is pretty solid all-round.

By purchasing the Season Five Battle Pass, players will also gain access to all 100 tiers of content. This includes having access to the newest operator Kitsune, a Japanese self-taught cybersecurity expert and world-class thief. Players can play as them from the first tier.

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If you purchase the Battle Pass bundle you’ll also get an exclusive Kitsune Operator Skin to show off to all the Call of Duty scrubs.

By completing their game challenges or purchasing their store bundles later in the season you can also unlock another two weapons. These are the Marshal shotgun/pistol hybrid and the crane melee weapon.

PlayStation exclusives!

As Activision obviously love us PlayStation users, we have got some tasty exclusive content. PlayStation users have the chance to go to Devil’s Mountain in Season Five as the Onslaught orb watches over the plateau on the new Echelon map.

You’ll be pairing up with another Requiem Agent as you battle hoards of enemies that will gradually get harder and you’ll need to make sure that you collect all the new Dark Aether story intel on the way.

That isn’t everything either as another limited-time mode will also be arriving in Onslaught later this season as well as new Weapon Blueprints and other goodies for PlayStation.

New multiplayer maps

A new season also means new maps for you to battle across for a variety of game modes these include 6v6 maps like:

Echelon – A brand-new map set in Devil’s Mountain in West Germany where operators will need to battle through rain and ash after Perseus’ latest attack.

Slums – First introduced back in Black Ops II this classic three-lane map deploys you to Panama City. This map is a goldmine for long-range combat as well as plenty of aerial Scorestreak bombardments.

Speaking of Scorestreaks you can now scorch your enemies with the new Flamethrower Scorestreak. Due to its low cost, this scorestreak is a great way of boosting your score so you can afford an even better one while setting the opposition alight.

Drive-In – Another classic returns from the original Black Ops for Season Five. Drive-In features both close combat and powerful overwatch points like the cinema screen where snipers can hunt their prey.

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Zoo – Another map that was originally seen as part of the Black Ops DLC pack Escalation players will battle through various animal enclosures to hunt their targets.

Finally, there is Showroom which is both a 2v2 and a 3v3 map. Although this map is small there is plenty of kiosks and displays to shoot from in both Gunfight and Face Off. It will also be featured in the upcoming Gunfight Tournament later this season so get practising.

Outbreak regions

The zombies are growing as the Outbreak Zone has made its way to the deserts of Algeria, this is the best spot to nab some Aetherium Crystals and look further into the Dark Aether.

In this naturally rocky environment, you and your team have been tasked with escorting the drivable Requiem machines across the zombie-infested desert. If you’re getting overrun then climb into the tank and obliterate even the biggest of zombies with the cannon and mounted turret gun.

If you’re struggling to get around the environment – which let’s be honest you will, then you can head to the Crafting Table and build yourself the new Grapple Gun to whiz around the map with ease.

Don’t forget to look for that intel too!

Double Agent and Demolition

Finally, and what I believe to be the most exciting new additions to Season Five is the new Multiplayer Modes, Double Agent and Demolition.

Demolition is the usual respawn mode where the attacking team attempts to destroy bomb sites as the defenders stop them by making sure the clock runs down as far as possible. CSGO Demolition comes to mind but without wiping out the whole of the other team.

However, Double Agent looks to be quite interesting. Each Match Operators are given one of the three roles Double Agent, The Investigator, or Operator.

The Double Agents must try to sabotage the mission by wiping out the instigating team. To avoid this from happening Instigators must use clues to find out who are the Double Agents and kill them before they wipe out the team.

As someone that enjoys game modes like Trouble in Terrorist Town from Garry’s Mod, this seems like a great edition to Call of Duty while also adding some variety to the gameplay.

All this and more (like perks) will be coming to Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone on August 12th this year.

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