Guide: How to Get All Secret Tapes in THPS1+2 (THPS1 Secret Tapes)


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Getting 100% completion in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible, and with a little help from your friends (Pure PlayStation, in this case) it’s just a touch easier than going it alone.
In this guide, you’ll learn how to find every Secret Tape in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, but only from the THPS1 side of the game. If you’re looking for the THPS2 Secret Tape locations, you can find our other THPS1+2 Secret Tapes guide article with videos here.
Hangar Secret Tape

Guide: How to Get All Secret Tapes in THPS1+2 (THPS1 Secret Tapes)

This is the easiest and I’m very doubtful that anyone actually has any issue getting this one, but I’ll explain the way all the same. From the starting point, head down the ramp and then hit the ramp coming off the halfpipe at the bottom. Be sure to aim for the room that’s situated over the half-pipe and you’ll get your tape. Easy peasy.
School Secret Tape

The Secret Tape in School is fairly straight forward. When you start your run, get off the awning and turn left. Go around the side of the gymnasium and you’ll see an opening that leads to the roof. Get up there and find an air-con tower. Get on top of it and find the grindable that leads down to an awning. Grind this and get onto the awning, and then ride that awning right to the end to get your Secret Tape. Don’t cock it up, mind you – make sure you are dead centred when you’re bounding towards the end ramp. Two down, four to go!
Mall Secret Tape

This level’s Secret Tape is actually quite straight forward and shouldn’t be a great challenge. Start your run and get down to the bottom area. From here, stick to the right-hand side of the mall and you’ll come across a ramp and a destroyed car. Do not hit the ramp. Instead, grind the rail on the left-hand side of the ramp until you reach the end, then ollie off onto the raised cables down below, grind your way forward, and voila – the Secret Tape of Mall. Sounds like a movie I’d watch…
Downtown Secret Tape

Downtown’s Secret Tape will take a bit of exploring, but it’s fairly simple once you know how. Start your run and follow the road all the way for around 30 seconds. You’ll come to a ramp that leads towards a building – it’s actually part of a truck. Ride this ramp and you’ll break into the building. From here, get up to the roof and find the ramp with an arrow on it. But, before you go flying through the air, make sure your special meter is full and get a go on one of the ramps beforehand to get some speed. Once you’re ready, simply skate towards the ramp with an arrow as fast as you can and you’ll hit your target.
Downhill Jam Secret Tape

This one was a real S.O.B to do, and it took me far too many tries. I got there in the end, and now I can share my tips with you. From the start of your run, stick to the left-hand side. You’ll come across a ledge that can be jumped from onto a yellow pipe. Get your special bar nice and full and get some speed before attempting the jump. If you’re successful, you’ll grind the yellow pipe and knock off one of five pump valves. You’ll then enter a section where the SKATE letter A is on the right. Ignore it if you haven’t already got it.
At the end of this little run, there’s another yellow pipe. Grind this to get to the next area. Once you’ve hit the next area, you need to clear the gap to the next platform. You can try and jump it, transfer, or wall-ride. I found wall-riding to be the most consistent. You’ll do this again over a slightly smaller gap to get to the final platform area. Here, you need to hit the ramp with as much speed as you can get, so make sure your special bar is full and that you’re ready to pull off a Boneless (double-tap the stick/d-pad upwards before pressing the jump button.) With any luck, you’ll hit the secret tape. Most likely, though, you’ll fail a bunch of times and blame me for it. Not cool, dude.
Streets Secret Tape

Considering this is the last proper level of the game, the Secret Tape isn’t that hard to get. Head down the huge hill and then make a left towards the artistic fountain. There’s a small gap where you’re able to jump up. Get up here and then ride forwards and Boneless over the gap to get to the building opposite. From here it’s just a case of following the path as it crosses another gap before winding upwards towards the top of the building. Once you’re at the top, hit the massive ramp and you’ll go flying (and then crashing) into the Secret Tape. And that, my dears, is how you get every single bloody Secret Tape in THPS1 in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2.
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