Crusader Kings 3: How To Move Capital



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The capital is the most crucial piece of land for a country. While the countries are known for their capitals, it is also the center of the country’s administration. Therefore, a country that loses its capital cannot survive. This is the case for real-life countries, as is the case with Crusader Kings 3.

Crusader Kings 3: How To Move Capital

You can change the location of your capital city in the game. In some cases, you need to do this, as your capital city’s security is fundamental.

Now let’s see how to move your capital.

How To Move Capital In Crusader Kings 3

In Crusader Kings 3, the ruler sits in the capital of the country. In addition, the court is located in the capital. Therefore, the capital’s location is significant. You can change your capital city.

Suppose you entered a war with a country, and by winning this war, you got new lands. If you want to move your capital to one of the new lands, you can do this. To move capital in Crusader Kings 3 follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choose where you want to move your capital.

Step 2: Press the “Move Realm Capital here” button.

Step 3: Press the “Move” button.

It’s that easy. You have now moved the capital of your country to wherever you want. On the other hand, there are a few things to consider when moving your country’s capital city.

First of all, the security of your capital city is fundamental to your country. Therefore, make sure that your land surrounds the capital of your country.

Secondly, many features come to the city you designate as the capital. The tax you receive from the capital increases, and you can build many new buildings in your capital. Therefore, it will be for your benefit to determine your capital city from big cities.

Also, don’t forget to strengthen your fortresses for the safety of your capital. In this way, countries that attack your capital city will face a disaster. You now have a fully secured capital city.

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