Guide: How to Unlock Legendary Cars and Get Coins in Hot Wheels Unleashed


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Mo’ money, mo’ cars, init?

Hot Wheels Unleashed holds the distinction of being one of the only modern racing games to include the classic comic book hero Snoopy among its roster. Peanuts’ Snoopy has taken his time to leave the wild antics of the deadly neighbourhood to do some arcade racing. Truly a hero of the ages. Oh, and there’s Batman, too, but he’s always been a joyriding, thrill-seeking menace. No surprise he’s shown up.

Guide: How to Unlock Legendary Cars and Get Coins in Hot Wheels Unleashed

There are a bunch of Legendary vehicles in Hot Wheels Unleashed and it’s your job to unlock them. Unfortunately, you can’t just roll up to the in-game store and dump your gold coins in exchange for the Batmobile or the Snoopy’s kennel car. Instead, you need lady luck to smile upon you, but the extra coins can’t hurt.

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Here’s how to unlock the legendary cars and get lots of coins fast in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

How to get gold coins quickly in How Wheels Unleashed

Gold coins are currency in Hot Wheels Unleashed. You can use them to buy Blind Boxes, decorative items for your basement hangout, or even liveries for your car collection.

Getting those coins is fairly easy if you play through the career mode. Each race will award you either gold coins, silver gears, or decorative bits and bobs. Blind Boxes cost 500 gold coins and it’s a total gamble. The Blind Boxes are completely random and there’s no way of knowing what will come out of the box when you drop those hard-earned coins. You could get a brand new car that’s new to your collection. You could get a Legendary car that’ll look badass on the track. Or you could a duplicate car. That might not seem good, but it’s not all that bad. You can sell your cars for money or upgrade them.

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If you find yourself with a duplicate car, go to the game’s ‘Shop’ menu and press L2 to sell the selected car. You’ll get 300 gold coins, which is not bad. Sure, if you’ve paid 500 coins and received a duplicate, you’re effectively losing 200 coins, but at least you’re gaining something back.

If your luck is really bad and a Blind Box reward from the career mode is a duplicate, you can sell it on and be in pure profit. You didn’t pay for that freebie, so that’s 300 gold coins in your pocket.

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Another thing work bearing in mind is that you won’t necessarily like every car that you unlock on your journey through the campaign’s big city map. Some cars are just not as fun to race. And that’s OK. Do a Marie Kondo; if it brings you joy, keep it. If it doesn’t, don’t be a wasteful moron and throw it in the bin, but sell it for 300 coins and then reinvest your coins in the hope of hitting the jackpot. I’ve purged my collection several times now and while it’s holding me back on my quest for the Hot Wheels Unleashed platinum trophy, it is at least giving me more of those quick injections of endorphins that EA has trained me to love. Thanks, video games.

How to unlock legendary vehicles in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Each vehicle in Hot Wheels Unleashed is ranked by its rarity, ranging from ‘Common’ to ‘Legendary’. The best of the best are, of course, the legendary vehicles, and the absolute best are the ones you recognise from your favourite TV shows and movies, not the little cars that you step on in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom because your kid is smart enough to say “no, daddy, I would prefer to not eat these vegetables, they make my tummy upset” but not smart enough to understand “tidy your bloody toys away.” Or is that just me? Is Pure PlayStation secretly turning into a support group for those who can’t manage their children? Maybe. But for now, let’s carry on with the important stuff – getting sweet toy cars in a video game.

hot wheels unleashed back to the future car

The easiest way to get yourself the Legendary cars is to just play the game. That’s it. That’s the advice. The quickest way to get the Batmobile in Hot Wheels Unleashed, or the DeLorean, or any of the other special cars is to just play your way through the campaign, enjoy the cars that you unlock, save up as many pennies as you can, and eventually you’ll hit pay dirt. There’s no time-travelling super shortcut to the DeLorean, sadly, and you could be playing for hours before you get the mightiest hero of them all – Snoopy. He’s my pride and joy.

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Be sure to keep an eye on the in-game shop, though, as there are timed deals where, if you have the coin, you can buy some of the rarer cars outright for a set price rather than gambling your precious pennies on Blind Boxes. They’re not cheap, though, and you should be prepared to keep at least a few thousand coins on hand if you want to take advantage of these deals.

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