A Guide To All Minecraft Villager Jobs


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A detailed guide to each villager’s profession and their corresponding job blocks in Minecraft.

A Guide To All Minecraft Villager Jobs

The villagers in Minecraft are similar to humans in real life. They work, eat, and interact with each other during the day. And as soon as night falls, they return to their homes and rest. In this way, the villagers also act as companions to the player in a lonely Minecraft survival game mode.

Each villager with a profession has a role to play in interacting with the player. However, there are villagers that do not possess any profession—like the nitwits and unemployed villagers—especially when there are no available job blocks for them to occupy. To maximize the number of villagers inside a village, a player must provide the unemployed ones with job blocks for them to become useful. This guide will show you a list of all the Minecraft villager jobs and their uses.

List Of All Villager Jobs in Minecraft

  • Armorer
  • Butcher
  • Cartographer
  • Cleric
  • Farmer
  • Fisherman
  • Fletcher
  • Leatherworker
  • Librarian
  • Mason / Stone Mason
  • Shepherd
  • Toolsmith
  • Weaponsmith



The Armorer Villager’s job site block is a blast furnace. The armorer trades armor equipment such as helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots in exchange for emeralds. It also offers non-armor-related items like the bell in its trade menu. Aside from emeralds, an armorer may trade you for coal, lava buckets, and iron ingots. When the armorer reaches at least expert level or higher in its profession, it can offer diamond tier armor such as diamond boots and diamond helmets.



The Butcher Villager’s job site block is a smoker. The butcher trades food items like cooked pork chops and rabbit stew in exchange for emeralds. It also accepts raw food items such as raw chicken, raw rabbit, and raw beef for emeralds. Unlike other villager professions, the butcher does not offer up non-food-related items.



The Cartographer Villager’s job site block is a cartography table. The cartographer’s trade menu is mainly composed of maps and banners. Other than using cheats, the cartographer is the only source in obtaining the Woodland Explorer Map and the Ocean Explorer Map. To obtain the Woodland Explorer Map and Ocean Explorer Map respectively, you will need to trade the cartographer with a bunch of emeralds and a compass. At lower ranks, the cartographer offers maps while it offers up colorful banners at higher job levels.



The Cleric Villager’s job site block is a brewing stand. The cleric offers unique items in its trade menu including Redstone dust, lapis lazuli, and ender pearl. It also accepts rotten flesh, scutes, and gold ingots in exchange for emeralds. When a cleric villager reaches master-level in its profession, it will sell you bottles o’ enchanting. Bottles o’ enchanting will drop experience orbs when thrown on the ground. This is a quick and easy way to level up your experience bar without doing much effort.



The Farmer Villager’s job site block is a composter. The farmer often sells farming and food-related items such as bread, apple, pumpkin pie, and cake. As a farmer, the villager will trade you emeralds in exchange for basic crops like wheat, potato, carrot, and beetroot. At a higher rank, the cleric villager will offer up a number of suspicious stew with different status effects in its trade menu.



The Fisherman Villager’s job site block is a barrel. As a fisherman villager, it will trade you fishing-related items such as a bucket of cod and cooked salmon. The fisherman will accept raw fish items from you that you obtain when you go fishing. When a fisherman villager reaches at least the journeyman level, it will offer you an enchanted fishing rod in its trade menu, but the enchantment will only be random.



The Fletcher Villager’s job site block is a fletching table. The fletcher villager’s trade menu is mainly composed of items related to bows and arrows. It offers a bow, crossbow, and arrow as well as its enchanted variants at a higher rank. When a fletcher reachest master-level, it will offer one of 16 different kinds of tipped arrows in its trading menu.



The Leatherworker Villager’s job site block is a cauldron. The leatherworker’s trade menu is composed of leather armor as well as leather horse armor. It will accept leather and rabbit hide in exchange for an emerald. When the leatherworker villager’s profession level reaches master, it will offer up a saddle in its trade menu in exchange for 6 emeralds. This is a good way to obtain saddles as they are hard to get in the overworld.



The Librarian Villager’s job site block is a lectern. The librarian offers you trades related to crafting books. But it also offers other items in its trade menu such as lanterns, glass, compass, and clock. Once it reaches master-level, you will see the librarian offer a name tag in exchange for 20 emeralds each. As name tags are pretty rare, buying it off of the librarian is a great way to obtain more.

Mason / Stone Mason


The Mason Villager’s job site block is a stone cutter. The mason’s trade menu consists mostly of polished stone-related blocks. As such, the mason villager also accepts each of its raw forms as barter. At a higher rank, the mason villager will sell 1 or 2 of the 16 different colored terracotta or glazed terracotta at random. Reaching the master-level mason will provide you with options in choosing blocks of quartz or quartz pillars—both of which make great building blocks in designing a modern-themed base.



The Shepherd Villager’s job site block is a loom. At a novice level, the shepherd villager will only accept the 4 basic colored wool such as the white, brown, black, and gray wool as well as trade 2 emeralds for shears. At apprentice-level or higher, the shepherd villager will offer 1 or 2 of 16 different colored wool and carpets. Shepherd villagers will also accept different colored dyes depending on their level. Once the shepherd villager reaches master rank, it will sell a painting for 2 emeralds each.



The Toolsmith Villager’s job site block is a smithing table. As a toolsmith, it only sells tools ranging from stone tools to diamond tools. It will offer enchanted tools in its trading menu once it reaches journeyman-level. It will accept the tool’s basic ingredients in exchange such as an iron ingot and a diamond.



The Weaponsmith Villager’s job site block is a grindstone. The weaponsmith is similar to that of the toolsmith as they both accept trades of coal, iron ingots, flint, and diamonds. There are only two weapons that the weaponsmith sells and these are swords and axes. Each profession level increases the weapon type in its trading menu.

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