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You may know it, you may play it, you may ever hear of it. That’s right, the most recent Arc System Works fighting game is here with brand new characters, mechanics, features, and many more. Of course, I’m talking about Guilty Gear Strive, which was released this Friday 11th for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Arcade. What it means that the XBOX gamers will have to resist playing it this time.

Guilty Gear Strive: How To Throw

I said that you may know it because this is the seventh mainline installment of the Guilty Gear series, giving us a whole new world and awesome movements with the direct continuation of the events of the previous game of the saga: Guilty Gear Xrd.

This game tries to intend a complete reconstruction of the franchise, retaining many features of the saga but at the same time, revamping them.

This is why maybe several features (or many, for the new Guilty Gear gamers) would maybe difficult to dominate because of the changes that it has in this new game.

The guarding, tension attacks, throws, and regular attacks shouldn’t be too difficult for the veteran players but it can be for the rookies. So this time you will learn How to Throw your opponent on Guilty Gear Strive in different ways.

How to throw your opponent on Guilty Gear Strive

As you readed previously, we will teach you several ways to throw your opponent on the new game of this incredible saga.

First of all, after you iniciate a Throw you do a considerable amount of damage to your opponent. The best thing about this movement is that they are very quick ways do deal damage.

It’s important to know when you can and can’t throw the opponent. Depending on the position or recovery stun they are in, they may not be able to be grabbed.

To perform a throw, press either 6H or 4H while next to your opponent. If the motion is identical between all characters, the actual throw and combo follow ups are different.

Important Fact: you can throw opponents that are staggered.

Air Throws: These are like the regular throws except they are performed in the air (duuh). When near an opponent you must press 6 or 4 (forward or backwards). Keep in mind that you cannot air throw someone using diagonal directions. The ideal way to air throw someone is to be slightly below them and rising up to meet them.

Command Throws: Command throws are similar to basic throws except you will need an specific joystick and button combinations to execute it. Normally, this kind of Throws inflict more damage than basic throws and often have better follow up possibilities. Actually you can also do it while running, so you don’t need to Dash Break.
Reminder: Throws have the largest scaling of any starter in Guilty Gear, and most of the characters normally have to spend meter to get throw combos.

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