Halo Series Renewed for Second Season



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The Halo series hasn’t even premiered yet, but Paramount+ seems to be pleased with enough with the show that it’s already ordered more episodes.

Halo Series Renewed for Second Season

In an official post on Twitter, it’s been announced that Paramount has already greenlit the second season of Halo. Here’s the post:

There have been several attempts at a Halo adaptation for years, but this is the first to actually make it happen. While I am worried that the television format won’t be able to catch up to the visuals of the game, advancements in VFX in shows like The Mandalorian have proved that even television can now showcase movie-quality CGI.

So far, the trailers for Halo have looked very nice, but we’ve yet to have a look at some character interactions. We haven’t even gotten a look at Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, but it’s very likely that the series could be following the game in that we never get to see his face. If you ask me, they’re doing this tactic so that they could save time and shoot the MC character simultaneously in different locations, with Schreiber coming in just to provide his voice. It’s basically what they do with Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian. Who knew that helmet backstory also had a practical use?

In a war for humanity’s very survival, our deadliest weapon is our greatest hope. See Master Chief, Cortana, the Covenant, and the other Spartans of Silver Team more in this epic trailer for the new Paramount+ Original Series, Halo. Find the Halo, win the war.

The first season of Halo premieres March 24 on Paramount+.

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