Hideo Kojima Plans to Become an AI After His Death


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Hideo Kojima has always been known to be a kind of a mad genius when it comes to games—always coming up with new ways to really mess with the gamers with his unique methods. With Kojima being asked to consider to the future of his studio even long after he’s gone, he says he plans to stick around in his own special way.

Hideo Kojima Plans to Become an AI After His Death

Talking to IGN (via Sports Illustrated), Kojima says he plans to become an AI and help run Kojima Productions 50-100 years after his death. He says, “I’ll probably become an AI and stick around… You need to be stimulated in lots of different ways if you want to keep creating new things, so I imagine I’ll keep collaborating with others and taking in new things even if I’m an AI.”

We don’t know how seriously Kojima plans to turn himself into an AI in the future, but if anyone can pull it off, it would probably be the guy who predicted the COVID-19 pandemic with an entire AAA game.

If anything, current AI has already been able to ‘resurrect’ artists, with a new issue coming out online that AI can be taught to mimic an artist’s art style. Though this could be great for dead artists like Picasso or Da Vinci who aren’t making any profit out of their work, living artists are starting to accuse these AI users that they are ‘stealing’ their art style without their consent. I’m actually curious on what Kojima’s take on this would be.

For now, Kojima and his team are gearing up for the release of Death Stranding 2 which some are speculating could come out in 2023 or mid-2024.

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