Hitman 3 Chongqing: Find the Entrance to the Homeless Shelter



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As if secret data centers filled with security, and super robot bosses wasn’t enough, the End of an Era mission will take you to infiltrate a homeless shelter.

Hitman 3 Chongqing: Find the Entrance to the Homeless Shelter

During the mission you will get a prompt that you need to go to a homeless shelter and blend in in order to get some valuable intel that could be game-changing for your mission. Getting to it is relatively easy, as its location is not that hidden.

However, before you do so, make sure that when you get to this place, you can blend in. So, get a disguise that will make you appear as homeless.

Find the Entrance to the Homeless Shelter – Hitman 3 End of an Era

After you have gotten some clothes that will help you infiltrate the shelter, go to the middle of the map, more specifically to Yuzhong Square. This way you can navigate and get to the shelter quickly.

If you’re struggling to find the Homeless Shelter in Hitman 3 – End of an Era, try this:

  1. Go to the first alleyway that you will find right of Yuzhong Square on the map.
  2. If you can’t seem to locate an alleyway, it is marked on this map:
  3. Take the stairs to get on the top.
  4. The building on the corner is the homeless shelter. If you have a disguise, go through the front door.
  5. However, if you don’t get inside through one of the windows outside.

Then, the game will prompt you with what you have to do next. If you went in with a disguise, then you will go through a security check, and then you will need to follow the guard to the next floor.

At this point, he will show you where you can get processed, and the mission will continue from there. In the processing area, you might find some collectibles and some other stuff that can help you complete the mission.

Because of that, make sure that you roam and look around in the processing room.

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