Hitman 3: How to Disable Cameras & Open Elevator Doors



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How The Mighty Fall is a mission in Hitman 3 that will truly test your skills as an assassin and an agent. On a side note, this mission will show you how beautiful Hitman 3 is.

Hitman 3: How to Disable Cameras & Open Elevator Doors

This game is developed and designed beautifully, and this mission proves that point. Nevertheless, let’s not get sidetracked and instead focus on disabling cameras and opening elevator doors, as this will be very important to do.

What you will need to do sounds simple on paper, that is, hacking into the servers at the palace. Follow the guide below to do so.

How to Disable Cameras & Open Elevator Doors – Hitman 3 How The Mighty Fall

Firstly, you must interact with the terminal at the location in Dubai. Take the stairs up, and then take a left. Go to where there is an area with gold leaves (there should be two flights of stairs here).

Interact with the terminal and a mission reveal should start. Follow the instructions. For clarity, we broke apart this guide into multiple pieces:

Find Server Room

  1. Infiltrate the staff area.
  2. On the door, type in the code: 4706. Inside, turn on the vacuum.
  3. Wait for staff to come, and take the NPC down, use their disguise.
  4. Take out the second NPC in the next hallway, and follow the path. NOTE: Hide the bodies.
  5. Go into the room left of the guards.
  6. Open the window using your camera, wait for the NPC to leave, and then take down the guard, and get his uniform.
  7. Jump out of the window and use the pipes between floors to go right. Get to the pipe which you can climb vertically.
  8. Get on the outside service elevator and open the window.

Get in the Server Room

  1. The server room will be located somewhere in this hallway.
  2. Firstly, take out the guard, and get his uniform.
  3. Then enter the last room on the left of the hallway. It is labeled as storage.
  4. Take down the janitor as well, and get the janitor key from the table.
  5. Enter the Server Room.

Hack the Server

  1. Follow the instruction in server room, until you get noticed. Hide until your heat dials down!
  2. After that, follow the steps to get the Server Room keycard from the NPC. Take him down, and hide the body.
  3. Go back to the Server Room and use the keycard. Sabotage one of the server racks.
  4. Use the terminal!

After you do this, you will have access to the most important security features of the building. Among them is disabling cameras and opening elevator doors.

This is crucial if you want to complete this challenging quest called “How the Mighty Fall”. Even if it sounds difficult to gain access to the system, it isn’t.

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