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Hollow Knight, a captivating and challenging game developed by Team Cherry, immerses players in a hauntingly beautiful world. This game is filled with mysterious creatures and formidable enemies. Among the most notable foes are Hornet, a skilled warrior and recurring boss who poses a formidable challenge to the Knight.

Hollow Knight: How to Beat Hornet 2

With her agile movements and relentless attacks, defeating Hornet requires precise timing, strategic thinking, and mastery of the game’s mechanics. The Knight will battle Hornet twice. This guide will teach you to beat Hornet for the second time in Hollow Knight.

With this, the Knight can emerge victorious in their quest through the enchanting realm of Hollow Knight! Consider this your spoiler alert for some game details.


Hornet, one of the central characters in the enthralling world of Hollow Knight, embodies both grace and ferocity. As the protector of Hallownest, she serves as a recurring boss and a formidable obstacle for players to overcome.

This boss wields a needle and thread, and she is proficient in using them. Hornet has two forms: Hornet Protector and Hornet Sentinel. The Knight will battle Hornet’s first form fairly early in the game, while the other is a bit later.

According to in-game lore, Hornet is the Pale King‘s and Deepnest’s queen, Herrah the Beast’s daughter. This, therefore, makes her a princess. Her birth resulted from a pact for her mother to become a Dreamer. Because of that, she only spent a short time with Herrah.

Hornet shares a father with the Knight, and the rest of the Vessels make them siblings. She became aware of the Infection’s emergence and began traversing Hallownest in search of solutions. Hornet is working to prevent Hallownest’s imminent doom.

The Knight will first face Hornet Protector in Greenpath. This guide will discuss the Knight’s second encounter with Hornet, Hornet Sentinel. Hornet must be defeated twice for her entry to be unlocked in the Knight’s Journal. This may be accomplished by defeating her Protector form in Greenpath and beating her Sentinel form in Kingdom’s Edge.

Hornet Sentinel

The Knight will be able to face Hornet Sentinel (Hornet 2) in the entrance of Cast-Off Shell in the easternmost part of Kingdom’s Edge. Hornet wants to test the Knights’ mettle in one more battle before entrusting them to safeguard Hallownest’s future. When defeated, she permits the Knight to have the King’s Brand.

Assuming the Knight vanquished Hornet before encountering Herrah the Beast in Deepnest, Hornet will be next to Herrah as she regains consciousness. Unlike her previous appearances, Hornet takes a break to mourn her mother’s death. She is also sad that to repay her mother’s debt and keep Hallownest alive, she needs to let the Knight end her life.

Assuming the Knight has not faced Hornet in Deepnest, Hornet will show up at the top of the Abyss when the Knight has obtained the Shade Cloak ability and returned safely. Then, Hornet feels that, because the Knight ascended the Abyss unharmed, the Knight has a choice in their journey: either extend Hallownest’s slumber or confront the heart of the Infection.


To find Hornet Sentinel, the Knight must have a few abilities. One of them is the Mantis Claw ability. This ability enables the Knight to slide down walls and jump off them. Another is the Monarch Wing’s ability. This ability enables the Knight to perform a second jump while in mid-air. Although not required, it also helps to have the Mothwing Cloak ability. This ability enables the Knight to dash forward horizontally.

In addition, the Knight must also buy the Lumafly Lantern from Sly in Dirtmouth. This item helps the Knight see in the dark.


In Kingdom’s Edge, the Knight will face many opponents. On his way to the Hornet Sentinel, the Knight will meet the following enemies: a Husk Hornhead, a Husk Dandy, a Gluttonous Husk, Vengeflies, Belflies, Booflies, Hoppers, and Primal Aspids.

Path to Hornet 2

To find and face Hornet Sentinel, this is what the Knight must do:

  1. Take the exit on the left from the Bench in the King’s Station Stag Station. Head to the bottom of the room (kill the Husk Hornhead, Husk Dandy, and the Gluttonous Husk in the room if you want some Soul and Geo) and exit the room on the right, which has another Stagway sign.
  2. Next, head to the right, where there are two Vengeflies. Drop down on the water, swim to the right, to pass through a hidden path.
  3. Here, the Knight will start using the Lumafly Lantern to light up the room. A dive-bombing Belfly is waiting above, so dodge or hide below the elevated platform once it dives. Head up the platforms on the right, and go to the right where two more Belflies exist. Take the exit at the end of the path.
  4. The Knight has arrived at the center cliff of Kingdom’s Edge! Head down using small platforms on the center cliff where the Knight will fight a few Booflies. Go to the bottom of the big chasm and avoid falling into the acid pool. Exit the room through the path on the right.
  5. Next, go to the right, where the Knight will face three Hoppers, a Primal Aspid, three more Hoppers, another Primal Aspid, and another Hopper. There will then be a tall platform. Climb up the side with the help of the Mantis Claw ability.
  6. After that, jump and dash (Mothwing Cloak ability) or double jump (Monarch Wing’s ability) towards the platform above on the left. Go to the left, climb up the next shaft above, and exit the room.
  7. Then, head to the left, where there are three more Hoppers. Climb up the wall on the left, then, on the top, jump towards the platform on the right, where there is another Hopper. Go to the right, jump across the gap, and take the exit above.
  8. Upon entering the room, the Knight will find a Hopper. Head up to the top of the room using the platforms above and utilizing the Knight’s various abilities. The Knight will find a Hopper and a Primal Aspid on the way up. At the top, head to the right, jumping over the spikes. At the end of the path, head up by double jumping with the help of the Monarch Wings ability towards the platforms above. 
  9. At the top, go all the way to the left. At the end of the path, jump and strike the ceiling to reveal a hidden exit. Take the exit, and the Knight will be in a room with a Bench. This is the last Bench the Knight will find before facing Hornet Sentinel, so heal up and save your progress. There is also a Wanderer’s Journal in this room.
  10. After healing and saving, exit the room, go to the right, jump across the gap, and exit
  11. Next, head to the right and up the slightly elevated platforms. Near the end of the path, Hornet will appear and leave. Take the exit at the end of the path.
  12. Then, go to the right and head down the path. Finally, head to the right at the bottom, and the Knight will be trapped inside a large open area and battle Hornet!

How to Beat Hornet 2: Moves

Hornet Sentinel will use strategies identical to her previous form, although her attacks become faster. Also, her Gossamer Storm attack‘s area of effect range has been increased. Hornet Sentinel’s attacks will also have more attacks than in her Protector form. Hornet Sentinel’s attacks are as follows:

  • Run – Hornet Sentinel will run around to move around the arena. This can deal contact damage to the Knight.
  • Leap – This boss will also jump within the arena to move. This will also deal with contact damage.
  • Lunge – Hornet will thrust forward with her needle in front.
  • Aerial Lunge – This boss will jump into the air, aim at the Knight, and rush toward the Knight.
  • Gossamer Storm – Hornet Sentinel will unleash a large area-of-effect attack with her in the center. She will slice anything around her immediate surroundings using her thread. Hornet can also perform this attack in mid-air.
  • Throw – This boss will throw her needle in front and pull it back. The needle can deal damage to the Knight as it returns to Hornet. The range of this attack is slightly smaller than the width of the arena.
  • Parry – Hornet will take a defensive stance with her needle and block attacks from the Knight. If the Knight strikes her while she is using this move, Hornet Sentinel will giggle and then release a wide-range counter slash.
  • Spike – This boss will simultaneously use her thread to suspend up to six spiky balls in mid-air. These spiky balls will deal contact damage. These damaging balls will stay in the battle unless the Knight destroys them using the Nail or Spells.

How to Beat Hornet 2: Tips

After Hornet Sentinel performs her Lunge attack, there is a small window to attack. Hornet’s Lunge attack can easily be avoided by jumping out of her path or moving away from the attack’s range

Hornet’s aim for her Aerial Lunge attack is set on the Knight as soon as she jumps. To dodge this attack, move away as soon as she jumps and locks her aim.

It’s worth noting that Hornet’s Gossamer Storm attack and Throw attack both start slow and have a limited range. This can also be a small window for healing. To avoid Hornet’s Throw attack, the Knight can simply move out of range or, if you don’t have time, jump in between Hornet and her needle as she throws it, then jump away as soon as she draws it back

Hornet’s Gossamer Storm attack is frequently used when the Knight is near her. Simply move or jump away from the attack’s range to dodge it.

Furthermore, Hornet Sentinel will only utilize her Spike attack after her health is reduced to roughly 480 HP. Once she does perform this, it is best to get rid of the spikes as soon as possible. It should also be noted that the Knight can nail-bounce on the spikes.

Hornet Sentinel will stagger after taking enough damage. She will pause and bend over while breathing deeply. This can be an excellent time to heal. Following that, when Hornet recovers from a stagger, she will always perform her Leap attack.

The Knight can also use Spells against Hornet Sentinel. The Knight can use the Desolate Dive or Descending Dark Spell to protect the Knight from damage while it is being cast. This spell is also particularly useful after dashing over Hornet when she makes her Lunge attack.

Also, the Knight can use the Vengeful Spirit or Shade Soul Spell from a distance to deal huge damage at once. Not only that, but this spell can also push Hornet back.

Although not required to defeat Hornet Sentinel, the Knight can use the Great Slash or Dash Slash Nail Arts against Hornet Sentinel. Executing these Nail Arts must be well timed, as performing them causes the Knight to be motionless for a brief time, making them vulnerable to attacks.

When battling Hornet Sentinel, the Knight must have the right charms. The Quick Focus Charm, Soul Catcher Charm, and/or Soul Eater Charm are recommended. The Quick Focus Charm allows the Knight to heal faster, and the Soul Catcher Charm and Soul Eater Charm allow the Knight to gain Soul faster.

The Shaman Stone is also great as it increases the damage output of the Knight’s Spells. Another great charm to equip is the Quick Slash Charm, as it allows the Knight to attack faster. The Grubsong Charm can also help the Knight by allowing the Knight to gain Soul when they take damage.

After defeating Hornet 2, the Knight will get the King’s Brand. This item will allow the Knight to reach the Abyss at the bottom of the Ancient Basin area.


Defeating Hornet 2 in Hollow Knight requires careful observation, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking. By patiently studying her patterns and understanding her moves, the player can anticipate her attacks and find openings to attack.

Timing your attacks and correctly using your abilities and spells will help you wear down Hornet Sentinel’s HP and ultimately emerge victorious. With practice and perseverance, you can overcome this challenging boss encounter and continue your journey through the mesmerizing world of Hollow Knight.

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