Hollow Knight: How to Get to Kingdom’s Edge



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There are a plethora of areas in Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight with their own kinds of enemies. One of these areas is Kingdom’s Edge.

Hollow Knight: How to Get to Kingdom’s Edge

Kingdom’s Edge is on the easternmost part of Hallownest just right next to the CIty of Tears. The cliffs of this desolate land are filled with white ash.

In this area, the Knight will encounter Hornet again near the Cast-Off Shell in the eastern part of the Kingdom’s Edge where you’ll also find the King’s Brand sub-area. The Knight can also find Bardoon in the northern part of Kingdom’s Edge near the central cliff, further north of that is the entrance to the Colosseum of Fools, and in the southwestern part of the area is where the Knight will find the entrance to the Hive and also where the Knight can access a Tram.

The Knight can also find the Warrior Dream Markoth behind a Shade Gate on the eastern part of Kingdom’s Edge. Southeast of that area, the Knight can find Nailmaster Oro who sells the Dash Slash Nail Art. Then, below him is a breakable floor which leads to the largest Geo deposit in Hallownest and the Quick Slash Charm.

Reach Kingdom’s Edge

Kingdom’s Edge can actually be accessed in two different ways. But, this first way is the easiest. This is what the Knight must do in order to reach Kingdom’s Edge:

  1. First, ride the Stagway to King’s Station and take the exit to the left just after the Bench (use the Bench if you want to heal and save your game).
  2. Then, drop to the bottom (kill the enemies in the area if you want some Soul and Geo) and take the exit on the right which will have another Stagway sign.
  3. Upon entering, the Knight will see a Bench that is broken in half, a flooded Stagway Station, and two Vengeflies. Kill both Vengeflies and drop down on the water.
  4. Next, keep swimming to the right where the Knight will go through a hidden passageway.
  5. Upon entering, you will immediately encounter a dive-bombing Belfly so dodge or hide below an elevated platform to avoid from being damaged.
  6. Then, go all the way to the right and take the exit.
  7. Upon entering, you will find yourself on the central cliff of Kingdom’s Edge!

The other way of reaching Kingdom’s Edge is by taking the Tram from Ancient Basin or Deepnest. To reach Kingdom’s Edge using this method, this is what the Knight must do:

  1. From Deepnest or Ancient Basin, enter the Tram and interact with the glowing button in the rightmost part of the Tram (if you started from Deepnest, interact with the glowing button twice to reach Kingdom’s Edge).
  2. Next, exit the Tram and proceed to the right where you’ll encounter spike pits, which you can easily jump and dash over, and Hivelings. Once you reach all the way to the right, use the exit right above.
  3. Upon entering, you are now in Kingdom’s Edge. But, to reach the central cliff, proceed upwards using the platforms while evading or killing the Booflies and Hivelings and take the exit on the top left.
  4. Then, proceed a little bit to the right and before you reach the pool of acid, jump up the platform and again jump to the next platform right above it. 
  5. Go all the way to the right where you’ll find three Hivelings above a pool of acid. Kill the Hivelings and jump and dash over the pool of acid to reach another platform.
  6. Continue to the right to see a wooden barrier just after killing two more Hivelings.
  7. Break the wooden barriers and exit and the Knight will be at the very bottom of the central cliff!

To get the map for the area, you can find Cornifer in the middle of the central cliff just inside a little opening of a pipe on the left side of the wall.

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