How To Beat Rolling Boss in Hollow Knight


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Team Cherry’s Metroidvania action-adventure game, Hollow Knight, tells the tale of the Knight, a nameless warrior who travels through Hallownest. This kingdom is currently in ruins as a result of an unusual infection. One formidable challenge awaits intrepid adventurers in the treacherous depths of this beautifully haunting world.

How To Beat Rolling Boss in Hollow Knight

These are the rolling bosses named the Watcher Knights. These relentless enemies, known for their relentless pursuit and devastating rolling attacks, have frustrated countless players. However, fear not, for you can stand tall and conquer this formidable foe with the right strategy and a keen understanding of its patterns. In this guide, we will delve into how to beat the rolling bosses in Hollow Knight.

We will discuss the essential techniques and tactics to beat the Watcher Knight. These will ensure that you emerge victorious in your journey through the mysterious and perilous realm of Hollow Knight!

The Hollow Knight Rolling Bosses, Watcher Knights

The Watcher Knights are the guardians of Lurien, the Watcher’s present location in the game. Lurien the Watcher, the entity they guard, is one of the Dreamers the Knight meets in Hallownest. Even though there are six, the Knight will only face the Watcher Knights as one boss battle.

When they were alive, the Watcher Knights used to defend the Watcher’s Spire and Lurien’s body, according to game lore. However, they died while standing guard, leaving just their shells. As a result, a swarm of infected flies buzzing above their empty shells started entering the shells one by one. As a result, the swarm of flies can reanimate the Watcher Knights and continue to defend Lurien’s the Watcher.

How to Find the Rolling Bosses in Hollow Knight

A screenshot of the map in Hollow Knight, showing where to find Watcher's Spire

The Knight can encounter the rolling bosses in the center of the Watcher’s Spire. This is a sub-area in the middle of the City of Tears. The Knight must first defeat the Watcher Knights before proceeding up the Watcher’s Spire.


The Knight must learn a few abilities to locate and combat the Watcher Knights. The first is the Mantis Claw ability. This ability lets the Knight stick, slide, and jump down vertical surfaces. Furthermore, the Knight must have Monarch Wings ability to reach the Watcher’s Spire. This ability allows the Knight to jump again while in mid-air.


The Knight will encounter various foes on the journey to the rolling bosses. The Knight will encounter Cowardly Husks, Gluttonous Husks, Husk Dandies, Great Husk Sentries, Husk Sentry, Winged Sentries, a Lance Sentry, and a Heavy Sentry.

Path to the Hollow Knight Rolling Bosses

The Knight must accomplish the following to find the Watcher Knights:

  1. Start towards the bottom middle of the City of Tears at the Hollow Knight Memorial. The Knight should take the right road, where he will encounter a Cowardly Husk and a Husk Dandy. Take the exit on the right out of the room.
  2. Then, proceed to the elevator near the room’s entrance and take it up a level. Take a slight right to reach a glass floor. If the Knight has already destroyed it with the Descending Dark spell, it will be a gap. A platform is located above it. To reach that platform, use the Monarch Wings ability to double jump. Exit the area through the path above, slightly to the left.
  3. The Knight will then encounter a Cowardly Husk and a Husk Dandy to the right. Go up utilizing the Monarch Wings and Mantis Claw abilities. The Knight will encounter a Winged Sentry and a Lance Sentry on his way up. At the top, turn left to find a passage on the floor and an exit on the left. Exit the left room to locate a Bench in the next room. Allow the Knight to heal and save your progress by sitting on the Bench.
  4. Next, return to the earlier room and descend to the path below. The Knight will encounter a Cowardly Husk, a Husk Dandy, and a Husk Sentry here. Drop down and to the right a little. The Knight will encounter a Gluttonous Husk here. Go to the left a little, then down. To proceed, the Knight must defeat a Great Husk Sentry and a Winged Sentry. When defeated, the path to the right will open up, leading to a switch on the ceiling. Strike the switch to return to the previous section of the room. 
  5. Afterward, take the newly opened passage and descend the gap. Head to the right to locate another newly opened path, then up a level. The Knight will come upon another Gluttonous Husk here. To go up another level, double leap, turn right, and head up. The Knight will encounter a Heavy Sentry here. Go to the left and climb the shaft using the Mantis Claw ability. On top, take the right path and leave through the path above. It’s worth mentioning that hitting the switch at the top of the shaft opens a gate that leads to the previously described Bench.
  6. Following that, there will be two paths in the next room. One is to the Knight’s left, where he will encounter a Great Husk Sentry, a Husk Dandy, a Gluttonous Husk, and a Cowardly Husk. Another is above the Knight, where he will encounter a Winged Sentry. Ascend the wall on the right to reach a Winged Sentry. Take a left and jump to the platform. To find an elevator, turn left. Take the elevator to the top. On top, go to the left, then, near the end of the walkway, use the path above to exit the room.
  7. Finally, take the elevator to the left to the top. Go to the right at the top, and the path back and to continue will close, trapping the Knight inside a room. The Knight will then battle the rolling bosses, the Watcher Knights!

How to Beat the Rolling Bosses in Hollow Knight

To win against the Watcher Knights, one must first learn their moves and behaviors.

Moves and Attacks

In battle, each of the rolling bosses may utilize the following moves:

  • Run – A Watcher Knight will sprint to the Knight before launching another attack.
  • Double Slash – A Watcher Knight will swing its huge Nail horizontally first, then vertically. The Watcher Knight advances gradually with each swing of its Nail.
  • Roll – A Watcher Knight will make itself into a ball and roll along the room’s floor until it reaches the opposite side. When it is rolling, the Knight’s Nail attacks cannot penetrate and cause damage. Fortunately, the Knight’s Spells can get through and deal some damage.
  • Bouncing Roll – A Watcher Knight will form into a ball and bounce twice on the ground. The first bounce of this assault brings the Watcher Knight to the room’s ceiling, while the second bounce simply sends him to the midway. This attack will target the Watcher Knight, meaning the attacker’s movement is determined based on the Knight’s position. The Watcher Knight can bounce twice as it moves across the arena, or it may only bounce in place. When executing the Bouncing Roll attack, the Knight’s Nail attacks, like the Roll attack, are not going to be able to penetrate and deal damage. However, the Knight’s Spells can get through and deal some damage.
  • Back Roll – A Watcher Knight will turn into a ball and roll away to evade the Knight. This strike will be utilized by a Watcher Knight only if two Watcher Knights remain active in combat.

Flow and Strategy

The gates to continue returning will close once the Knight arrives and passes through the Watcher Knights’ arena. Then, one by one, a group of infected insects enters the Watcher Knights’ shells. They will then resurrect the Watcher Knights and attack the Knight. 

After 20 seconds, the Knight will meet another Watcher Knight. If the first Watcher Knight is defeated before the second, an additional two Watcher Knights will enter instead of one. When the Knight eliminates one of them, another rolling boss joins the fight. This will continue until the Knight defeats all six Watcher Knights. The Knight can only combat two rolling bosses at the same time.

It’s important to point out that there is a technique to beat one Watcher Knight before the whole battle starts. To do so, jump up and continue hitting the ceiling at the Watcher Knights’ arena entrance. This will force it to break, revealing a hidden passage. Continue along this path until the Knight comes to a rope connecting to the Watcher Knight’s room chandelier.

Break the rope by striking it many times. This will cause the chandelier to collapse on one of the Watcher Knights below, eliminating it before the battle starts. The Knight will now just have to battle the five Watcher Knights.

You can know if a Watcher Knight will unleash the Double Slash attack in battle. The indicator is that it will wound up its nail before attacking. 

When using the Roll attack, a Watcher Knight will lean back slightly before rolling up into a ball and performing the strike.

In addition, when a Watcher Knight uses the Bouncing Roll attack, it will bounce a little before curling up into a ball and performing the strike.

As mentioned, the Knight will face off against two Watcher Knights simultaneously. As a result, if the Knight is cornered, it will be a dangerous position. To avoid this danger, leap above the Watcher Knights and strike them from above. This is an excellent response because the only way to oppose the Knight’s above-the-head hits is using the Bouncing Roll attack.

The Knight’s abilities can help him dodge the attacks of the Watcher Knights. The Mothwing Cloak ability, for example, allows the Knight to dash away or forward quickly. Another good ability is the Shade Cloak ability, which allows the Knight to dash through foes and their assaults.

This is an improved version of the Mothwing Cloak ability. The Monarch Wings ability comes next. This ability allows the Knight to do another jump while still in the air. The Mantis Claw ability is the final one. The Knight can use this ability to cling to vertical surfaces and leap off of them.

Spells are an excellent technique to inflict huge damage on the Watcher Knights. The Vengeful Spirit Spell or its improvement, the Shade Soul Spell, would be extremely useful. These quick spells shoot out a spirit (or shadow in the Shade Soul Spell) that flies forward and damages opponents. The Knight can then attack both active Watcher Knights with one Spell.

The Desolate Dive Spell and its upgrade, the Descending Dark Spell, would also be useful. The Knight will hit the ground with concentrated Soul and damage the Watcher Knights with these spells. Use this spell only if both Watcher Knights are on the ground and not performing the Bouncing Roll attack.

Charms are extremely useful in fighting the rolling bosses:

Quick Focus CharmSpeeds up Focusing to heal faster.
Longnail CharmRaises the range of the Knight’s Nail by 15%.
Mark of Pride CharmRaises the range of the Knight’s Nail by 25%.
Shaman Stone CharmBoosts the size and damage output of the Knight’s Spells
Grubsong CharmThe Knight will gain Soul when the Knight takes damage.
Spell Twister CharmLessens the amount of Soul the Knight requires to cast Spells.
Stalwart Shell CharmBoosts the invincibility time and lessens the recoil if the Knight receives damage.
Spore Shroom CharmReleases a cloud of spores around the Knight that inflicts damage to enemies.
Sharp Shadow CharmDecreases the cooldown before the Knight can execute the Mothwing Cloak ability again by 33%. Combined with the Sharp Shadow Charm, the Dashmaster Charm increases the damage caused by dashing through enemies.
Dashmaster CharmDecreases the cooldown before the Knight can execute the Mothwing Cloak ability again by 33%. Combined with the Sharp Shadow Charm, the Dashmaster Charm increases the damage caused by dashing through enemies.


Defeating the rolling bosses in Hollow Knights is a testament to your growth as a skilled adventurer and warrior. The Knight can overcome this formidable foe with patience, practice, and understanding of their attack patterns. Remember to stay agile, capitalize on opportunities to strike or heal, and never let frustration distract you from your quest.

As you emerge victorious over the Watcher Knights, the rolling bosses, the sense of accomplishment and the valuable experience gained will serve you well in your continued exploration of this hauntingly beautiful and challenging kingdom. In Hollow Knight, every victory is a step closer to unraveling its mysteries. Conquering the rolling bosses is a testament to your resilience and determination.

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