Hollow Knight: How to Obtain the Hallownest Seal in Greenpath


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Learn how to obtain the Hallownest Seal in Greenpath!

Hollow Knight: How to Obtain the Hallownest Seal in Greenpath

The adventures of an unnamed warrior known as the Knight as they travel through Hallownest, a kingdom now in ruins because of a mysterious disease, are chronicled in Hollow Knight, a Metroidvania action-adventure game from Team Cherry.

As the Knight advances through Hallownest, he will be able to acquire new items, abilities, spells, and charms that will help him defeat enemies and move through the various sections.

One of these items in the game is the Hallownest Seal. According to game lore, these items are the official symbols of the Pale King and the Five Great Knights.

The Hallownest kingdom’s design features the emblem as well. You can find Hallownest Seals in several places throughout the Hallownest; in this guide, you’ll learn where to find them in Greenpath.

There is only one Hallownest Seal in the Greenpath area:

Greenpath Hallownest Seal

A screenshot showing where to find the Hallownest Seal in Greenpath

One of the Hallownest Seals in Greenpath can be found on a platform just after a pool of acid in the bottom left corner of a room near the middle of the map of Greenpath.

The Knight will encounter a lot of different enemies in Greenpath. On the way to the first Hallownest Seal, the Knight will only encounter the following enemies: Squits, Volatile Mosskins, Fool Eaters, and Mosscreeps.

The Knight must have the Mothwing Cloak ability, which allows the Knight to perform a horizontal dash, and the Monarch Wings ability, which allows the Knight to do a secondary jump in midair to find the Hallownest Seal in Greenpath.

However, it would be easier if the Knight had Isma’s Tear ability, which allows the Knight to swim in pools of acid without taking any damage.

Don’t worry if the Knight does not have this ability, as the Mothwing Cloak and Monarch Wings abilities will suffice but will take a little skill. These abilities will make getting the area’s first Hallownest Seal simpler.

To find the first Hallownest Seal in Greenpath, this is what the Knight must do:

  1. Starting from the Greenpath Stagway Station, head to the right, exit the room, head to the right, and head down to the bottom of the room where the Knight will run into a couple of Squits, Volatile Mosskins, Fool Eaters, Mosscreeps on the way down.
  2. Part of the path will be closed near the bottom of the room. Open it by simply hitting the lever on the left side, where a Fool Eater will try to bite the Knight once the Knight stands on the lever. Then, drop down and take the exit at the bottom right of the room.
  3. Then, upon entering the room, drop down the gap on the right, head to the right, jump down the platform slightly below on the right, continue heading to the right, drop down the small platform on the right, drop down the platform below on the right, then take the exit on the right.
  4. After that, head to the right, drop down the gap, then face the gap on the left.
  5. Next, suppose the Knight does not have Isma’s Tear ability. In that case, the Knight can drop down the gap on the right, perform a secondary jump with the help of the Monarch Wings ability before the Knight hits the pool of acid, dash to the left with the help of the Mothwing Cloak ability, then land on a platform on the left. If the Knight does have Isma’s Tear ability, the Knight can simply drop down the pool of acid, swim to the left, and then jump towards the platform on the left.
  6. On this platform, the Knight will find something glowing. Finally, inspect the glowing thing, and the Knight has obtained the Hallownest Seal!

After obtaining the Hallownest Seals, the Knight can travel to the City of Tears west of the Hollow Knight statue to see Relic Seeker Lemm and sell the Hallownest Seals to him for 450 Geo each.

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