How to Obtain the Hallownest Seal in the King’s Station in Hollow Knight


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Learn how to obtain the Hallownest Seal in the King’s Station in Hollow Knight!

How to Obtain the Hallownest Seal in the King's Station in Hollow Knight

The Metroidvania action-adventure game Hollow Knight, developed by Team Cherry, recounts the travels of an unnamed warrior known as the Knight across Hallownest. This kingdom is now in ruins because of a terrible infection. The Knight can pick up new items, abilities, spells, and charms as he progresses through Hallownest, enabling the Knight to solve puzzles and explore the world of Hallownest.

The Hallownest Seal is one of these in-game items. According to game lore, these artifacts are the official insignia of the Pale King and the Five Great Knights.

The symbol is also used in the design of the Hallownest kingdom. Hallownest Seals can be found across the Hallownest. This guide will show you where to find them at the King’s Station.

There is only one Hallownest Seal in the King’s Station:

King’s Station Hallownest Seal

A screenshot of the location of the Hallownest Seal in Hollow Knight

The Hallownest Seal can be found in a hidden area above the King’s Station Stagway Station in the southeasternmost part of the City of Tears

Fortunately, the Knight will not encounter enemies while obtaining this Hallownest Seal.

Before finding the Hallownest Seal, the Knight must have the Mantis Claw, Mothwing Cloak, and Monarch Wings ability. Also, the player must be adept at Nail-bouncing to obtain the Hallownest Seal. With these abilities, acquiring the Hallownest Seal in the King’s Station will be a piece of cake.

Finding the Hallownest Seal

To find the next Hallownest Seal in the City of Tears, this is what the Knight must do this:

  1. Start from the Bench inside the King’s Station Stagway Station. Then head to the right and drop down where the Stagway parks when called.
  2. Next, climb up the wall on the right with the help of the Mantis Claw ability. At the top, quickly jump and dash with the help of the Mothwing Cloak ability towards the right side of the roof above the bell that calls the Stagway. Then, perform an additional jump with the help of the Monarch Wings’ ability to get above the spikes on top of the roof of the Stagway Station.
  3. After that, Nail-bounce off the top of the spikes of the roof of the Stagway Station while heading to the left every Nail-bounce. The Knight can also use the Monarch Wings ability and/or the Mothwing Cloak ability while heading to the left to perform less Nail-bouncing if the player has a hard time.
  4. Finally, there is an opening with something glowing on the left wall. Get to the platform, inspect the glowing thing, and the Knight has obtained the Hallownest Seal!


To leave this area, the Knight can Nail-bounce on top of the spikes again while heading to the right with the help of the Monarch Wings ability and Mothwing Cloak ability, or if the Knight has the ability, the Knight can simply use the Crystal Heart ability from the platform where the Knight obtained the Hallownest Seal, stop at the wall on the right, and drop back down where the Stagway can be found.

After getting the Hallownest Seal, the Knight can travel west of the Hollow Knight statue in the City of Tears to meet Relic Seeker Lemm and sell the Hallownest Seals to him for 450 Geo apiece.

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