Hood: Outlaws & Legends Gets Reworks, A Battle Pass And A Shiny New Character


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For Season 1, steal from the rich to pay for your Battle Pass.

Today Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive have launched Season 1: Samhain for Hood: Outlaws & Legends, this new season will bring some exciting new content, upgrades and necessary bug fixes to these master thieves.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Gets Reworks, A Battle Pass And A Shiny New Character

Firstly, an all-new outlaw called Eidaa has been plunged into the battle against the State. She wields both a sword and sorcery which makes her an incredibly talented skirmisher.

Eidaa is a hybrid character that is capable of both dodging and parrying incoming attacks. Although she can effectively keep up the pressure it will take a skilled player to master her as, unlike other melee characters her health is much lower meaning paying attention to her stamina is the key between life and death.

The abilities of this graceful thief include replenishing vital gearboxes to keep both herself and her teammates in tiptop shape as well as setting a bomb that can slow and damage enemies. Her ultimate sounds incredibly overpowered as she can create a magical shield that blocks income projectiles that will be essential to protecting objectives.

Just like the other characters, she drops with a variety of cosmetics and perks to customise how she looks and works during heists.

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Three new maps are also being added this season of Hood for the new co-op mode, State Heist. You will be able to attack a fortified snowy keep inside a mountain, battle across the cliff shores of Coastal, and trudge through the swampy lands of Marshland.

The Winch system has also been reworked this season. The final fight to finish will now be score based, with the team needing to complete a certain amount of notches to win the game. If you had completed early-game objectives such as pickpocketing the Sheriff, opening the vault, and placing the chest then this will grant you a major head start on the winch. This is in the hope to reward players that work both quickly and quietly for the final phase of the heist.

With the release of Season 1, Hood now has its very first Battle Pass. Like many other Battle Passes this will allow players to unlock some unique appearances for their outlaws, weapons and banners.

Those that have purchased the Year 1 Edition of Hood: Outlaws & Legends on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or PC will get three premium Battle Passes for free.

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