Horizon Forbidden West will have a 60 FPS mode


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When we first got a look at Horizon Forbidden West gameplay last week, it’s safe to say I was a tad bit concerned. While the game looks downright beautiful, it was only shown at 30 FPS, leaving the question of whether Guerrilla’s sequel would have a 60 FPS mode wide open. Fortunately, we have some good news to share: Horizon Forbidden West will indeed hit that much higher frame rate on PlayStation 5. I have no idea why Sony didn’t share that news at the onset, but hey — it’s out there now.

Horizon Forbidden West will have a 60 FPS mode

In an interview with Hardware Zone, Guerrilla’s Mathijs de Jonge confirmed this very important detail. “For the PlayStation 5,” de Jonge said, “we are supporting two modes. One is Performance Mode. And another is something like a Quality Mode.”

As you probably guessed,, the Performance Mode is the one that’ll end up targeting 60 FPS. Unfortunately, de Jonge didn’t get into what resolution Performance Mode will end up running at. It’s safe to say it probably will not be 4K, since that’s what Quality Mode is hitting.

I’m not going to get too worked up about pixel count, however, because that’s not what is ultimately important. We have these newer, more powerful consoles now that are capable of offering choice, whether you’re into high frame rates or insanely detailed graphics. If we go back to not caring about frame rates again, we’ll be right back where we came from last gen. I’d like to not return to that place, thank you.

Horizon Forbidden West is still targeting a 2021 release as of now, though that could change. We’ll let you know when we have more on the game.

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