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Reader question time again and this time it’s about movement. The question was ‘Can you hover in Apex Legends like you can in Anthem?’ Movement has been done very well in Apex Legends. You can run, slide, jump, rappel, zipline and fly for a time but you cannot hover. Not properly and not yet anyway.

How To Hover in Apex Legends

There is a way to hover if you use the red balloons to get around though. I cannot get it to work but others who I know play Apex Legends can. It’s a trick you can use when traversing the map using the balloons and involves staring straight up to the sky while you’re doing it.

Apparently, if you approach a mountain or cliff, you gain height to clear it as you would if hovering. It isn’t quite jetpack heaven like Anthem is but it’s another option if you want to find new ways to get around in Apex Legends.

Hovering may be coming though.

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Is hovering coming to Apex Legends?

Apparently, data miners have uncovered what could be on the horizon in future Apex Legends updates. They have found reference to new games modes, new Legends and a hover tank and hover bike. While unconfirmed, the data is definitely in the game and would be a real waste of disk space to have it there for no reason.

The game modes have been labeled as Solo, Duo, Survival and New Recruit Mode. Solo and Duo mode are self-explanatory and could change the game completely. Survival seems a little like Hunger Games and rumor has it that it will include commentary as well as different survival elements.

New Recruit Mode is different. It sounds like a solo game where if you kill a player, you can elect to revive and then recruit them onto your team. This could bring some interesting team dynamics.

The two new Legends mentioned are called Octane and Wattson. Octane’s skills are murky right now but there is mention of a stimpack. Wattson apparently uses Tesla traps like Caustic’s chemical traps.

The hover tank and hover bike both seem to have three crew slots, driver, gunner and rear. Not much more is known about these two vehicles or how they could be implemented into the game.

None of these features have been confirmed by Respawn at the time of writing. This is just data mined from the game files. It could all change at any moment.

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Movement in Apex Legends

Movement in Apex Legends is fast and fluid and has been implemented very well. You can run, use a zipline, slide, jump, rappel and fly into a zone. If you’re Wraith you can also Void Walk places too.

The basic movement controls on a PC are through the WASD keys. You press Left Ctrl to crouch, Space to jump and Left Shift to sprint. Sliding is a cool way to get around and can be triggered by sprinting and then pressing crouch. You can only slide down inclines but there are so many of those on the map that it makes sliding a great way to get around. Not only is it fast, it also makes you a smaller, faster moving target.

Climbing is also handled well but isn’t covered in the tutorial. You can climb some walls and cliffs by running at them and keeping the run button down.

Those red balloons all over the place are ziplines that can cover great distances quickly. Climb a zipline by finding the ground line and pressing the interact button. You will automatically climb to the top and traverse the zipline. You can also use the interact button to jump onto lower ziplines too.

If you want to run faster, holster your weapon. If you find yourself being left behind when crossing the map, press 3 on PC to holster. You will then run a little faster and be able to keep up. You can then hit 1 or 2 or press the fire button to use a weapon.

Slide jump is currently the fastest way to traverse the map on foot. You need to holster your weapon to do it and it requires practice but once mastered, it’s an excellent way to get around.

  1. Sprint and get into a slide.
  2. Hit the jump key before you slow too much.
  3. Sprint as you land and hit crouch to initiate another slide.

This method keeps the slide going for as long as possible and helps you traverse those longer hills at pace. You’re also a smaller target when sliding which is an added benefit.

You may not yet be able to hover in Apex Legends but getting around is a breeze once you know how. Got any movement tips to share? Tell us about them below if you do!

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