How tall is Valkyrae?


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The Answers section of this website is nothing if not goofy. It could answer some of the really tough questions present in the world. It could resolve to contribute to meaningful discussions. But to do so would go against its very nature. Take Valkyrae’s height, for example. This isn’t information you’ll NEED to know, unless there is some sort of streamer-centric episode of Jeopardy you’re playing on. But you may still want that info, just to satisfy your own curiosity. And so we’re going to give it to you. Today we’re going to answer the question, how tall is Valkyrae?

How tall is Valkyrae?

Let’s get started.

Valkyrae is pretty average in the height department


Valkyrae is known for lots of things. Once an up-and-coming streamer, she’s now reached the highest heights of success. She’s a part owner of 100 Thieves now. She starred in a music video with Machine Gun Kelly. No joke.

One thing she won’t be doing anytime soon? Dunking. And that’s no disrespect! I can’t. You know, unless I hit up the KidzZone and play on the mini basketball courts. Are those even around anymore?

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

According to Valkyrae herself, she stands at 5-foot-3-and-a-half inches tall. This info comes courtesy of a response the streamer sent to a fan who inquired about this piece of data.

So if you’re after the answer to the question, how tall is Valkyrae, well — you got it with time to spare. As mentioned previously, she comes in at a fairly standard height.

It’s been entertaining to see Valkyrae’s career take off and become something enormous. If you’re a fan — which I assume by being here you are, unless you’re some kind of internet weirdo — you undoubtedly can’t wait to see what she does next. We’re in that camp, too. Best of luck, Rae!

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