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Activating an Artifact in Risk Of Rain 2 is a long and difficult process which needs to be completed each time you find a new Artifact. But if you’ve already discovered one and want to unlock it, here is what you’ll need to do to activate artifacts in risk of rain 2:

How To Activate Artifacts In Risk Of Rain 2

Step 1. Reach stage 5 – Sky Meadow

At the bottom area you will find old machinery and a table with a laptop. Here you will need to input the code combination of your Artifact on the tubes and then activate it on the laptop. If the code is correct, a portal will appear and you’ll need to enter it.

Step 2. Defeat Bulwark’s Ambry

In this realm, you’ll see your Artifact in the middle, floating in a purple bubble. Pick up a yellow Artifact Key and bring it closer to the Artifact Reliquary. As soon as you insert the key, the encounter will start and the monsters will begin spawning.

The way to defeat this level is by collecting multiple Artifact Keys and inserting them into the Artifact Reliquary. Each time you do it, the boss will lose health and you’ll be able to win.

Step 3. Collect and leave

After you defeat the boss, the bubble around the Artifact will disappear and you’ll be able to collect it. Pick it up and leave through the portal. You will be transported to the next stage with the Artifact activated on.

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